Ireland Baldwin dropped a stunning photo of herself on Instagram.

The actress and model rocked a yellow bikini top for a mirror selfie.

The snap was only a tactic to get the attention of her followers.

In her post, Ireland discussed about “fatphobia.”

While also explaining some of her pictures on Instagram.

She wrote: “So yesterday, Instagram took down a set of old throwback photos I posted of my covered, nude body.”

Ireland continued: “I’m not posting this to get into it about instagram’s f--ked up censorship issues… But I wanted to discuss a message I received from a stranger.”

She added: “This women said I am fatphobic for posting photos of my body on here and mentioned that I’m spreading a harmful message by posting images of myself.”

Ireland explained: “By posting my own body, I am not encouraging anyone to look like me! I don’t unrealistically edit my images to encourage people to look like this unrealistic version of myself.”