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Steph Curry Challenges Sabrina Ionescu: 'We Gotta Settle This Once And For All'

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By Melanie VanDerveer on January 26, 2024 at 12:15 PM EST

The challenge has been brewing for some time now and fans will finally get to witness the 3-point shootoutNBA and WNBA fans alike have been waiting for.

While many basketball fans may think that Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry holds the all-time record for the most points scored in a round during a 3-point contest, that's not correct. And now Curry wants to try to steal that record away from the person who holds it currently.

Curry recently challenged WNBA star Sabrina Ionescu to a 3-point challenge during the 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend, being held February 16-18 in Indianapolis, to see if he can take the record away from her.

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Steph Curry Challenged Sabrina Ionescu To A 3-Point Challenge

Steph Curry

For the past several months, the NBA star has been vocal about trying to take the 3-point record from Ionescu. When Ionescu challenged Curry on X, formerly know as Twitter, last summer, Curry made it clear he was up for the challenge.

"I gotta go after Sabrina's record," Curry told ESPN at the time. "I've got something to shoot for now that she went crazy with the 37 points in their All-Star weekend. We've got to settle that for sure to see who's the best 3-point competition shooter."

Shortly after Curry's interview, Ionescu tweeted, "Let's get ittt," and then after she won the WNBA three-point contest, she once again brought the subject up tweeting, "shoot out?" tagging Curry.

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Fast forward to now and Curry is the one challenging Ionescu.

"Do you know who holds a record for the most points in a 3-point competition?" Curry asked fellow Golden State Warriors player, Brandin Podziemski, who responded, "Sabrina." Curry followed that up by saying, "Ooooooooh! I think I gotta bring her out and be like, we gotta settle this once and for all. I think I gotta challenge her. It'll be lit."

And Ionescu responded to Curry's challenge in a tweet!

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Curry currently holds the NBA 3-point contest record with 31 points from the 2021 NBA 3-point contest. He also won in the 2015 NBA 3-point contest.

Fans Shared Their Thoughts On This 3-Point Shootout!

Lakers vs. Warriors

Fans have taken to social media posts to share their thoughts on this 3-point competition.

"I really hope she wins so they can shut up," one fan hilariously wrote in the comments of NBA on TNT's Instagram post. Another added, "Can’t lie that girl Sabrina went perfect 5/5 from every rack you gotta give her flowers ? that has not been done in the nba ever."

Another person pointed out, "Sabrina has nothing to lose. Curry has everything to lose."

Some also asked about "NBA range 3's" and WNBA balls.

"Give curry WNBA ball and rules ?," one person said. Another added, "Isn't the women's line closer?? Lmao case closed she loses every time." Another person asked, "They shooting from different lines?"

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Bleacher Report also shared an Instagram post about Curry vs. Ionescu and fans dropped into the comments there, too.

The WNBA wrote, "Tuned in," in the comments.

One fan wrote, "That's gonna be crazy one!! Let's do it!"

Some people were focused on the differences between the NBA and WNBA. "Wouldn’t be fair at all the nba 3 point line is longer and the wnba line would be like a 2 pointer for Steph," wrote one person. Another added, "Same size ball or it’s unfair."

Ionescu's team, the New York Liberty, told fans to "get ya popcorn ready" on Instagram.

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Who do you think will walk away with the record - Ionescu or Curry?

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