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NBA Star Steph Curry Hilariously Wakes Son Canon Up During Basketball Game

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By Melanie VanDerveer on October 22, 2022 at 3:00 AM EDT

Family supporting family. That's what Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry was doing when he accidentally, and hilariously, woke his 4-year-old son Canon up while screaming for brother-in-law Damion Lee's game-winning shot. Lee, in his first game as a Phoenix Suns player, had Curry screaming and cheering him along during the Suns' season opening game against the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night.

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Steph Curry's Excitement Woke Son Canon Up


After the big, bold scream, Curry, 34, excitedly and loudly says, "Come on! Yeah, Dame! Stick with it! Stick With it!" Curry was cheering for his sister, Sydel Curry-Lee's husband, while his wife, Ayesha, sat on the couch pointing to the ceiling reminding him that the kids are upstairs sleeping. "The kids asleep. I don't care. Stick with it!" he screamed. "I'm sorry, Canon's crying. I woke him up. There you go D-Lee."

The Currys are also parents to daughters Riley, 10, and Ryan, 7. No word if the other kids also woke up during the funny outburst.

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The video was posted on a Curry Family Fan page on Instagram and their followers clearly enjoyed it. Comments included, "He’s just being him , so excited for his Brother!!!?❤️??????," "We might have been screaming at the same time! ?," "Halloween came earlier to the children Fright night. lol?," "Support your folks ????," "I love his passion for that game winner?," among many others.

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Steph Curry and kids
Stephen Curry - Instagram
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Steph Curry's Scream Heard Round The Internet Created Buzz

The following night during a media session, when a reporter asked Curry if he apologized to his son for waking him up during his outburst, Curry replied with a smirk, "It's my house. He's alright."

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Damion Lee's Winning Shot In The Phoenix Suns Season Opener Had Curry Yelling!

Lee, 29, isn't only family to Curry, he was also his teammate for four seasons on the Warriors before signing as a free agent for a one-year deal with the Suns. Lee scored all of his 11 points in the team's season opener during the fourth quarter of the game after trailing the Mavericks by 22 points in the second quarter. The Suns were down 15 points with about eight minutes left in the game, but Lee's contested jumper won it in the final seconds, which had his supportive brother-in-law and friend screaming with excitement.

Damion Lee and Sydel Curry-Lee
Damion Lee - Instagram
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Damion Lee Has Had An Exciting Month

Lee posted a birthday tribute to his wife on Instagram the day after his exciting game captioned, "Happy birthday Delly!! You’re truly amazing in every way! How selfless and understanding you are never goes unnoticed!! I hope you’re shown unconditional love today and enjoy your day! #DellyDay." The two are parents to son Daxon Wardell-Xavier, born in November 2021.

It's been an exciting month for Lee. The couple recently relocated to the Phoenix area ahead of the start of the NBA season, and just a week ago, Curry-Lee posted a video of their baby boy walking at 10-months-old, captioning it, "Sometimes all you need is someone to tell you what you’re gonna do lol #walkingbaby #10months"

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