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Steph Curry Makes Surprise Visit To Kid Shooting Hoops On His Street

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By Melanie VanDerveer on September 24, 2022 at 1:45 PM EDT

Imagine your shooting some hoops in front of your house by yourself and out of nowhere an unlikely teammate shows up. That's just what happened to one lucky kid when four-time NBA champion Stephen Curry appears out of nowhere, walks up to him, takes the ball and shoots. It was such a big deal that Andrew started a TikTok account to post the proof. His one short video has gotten more than 650,000 views so far and counting.

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"I Met Stephen Curry"

Curry is known for working with and meeting his younger fans any chance he gets, so it makes sense that when he saw this kid playing ball that he decided to join in and take some of his famed three-point shots. The video simply captioned, "I MET Stephen Curry," has received more than 1,000 comments since being posted a week ago. When one commenter asked how he met Curry, Andew replied with what sounds like a dream come true for any NBA fan, "He just pulled up to my house." And when asked if he also got a photo, he replied, "Yess sir."  While many asked for the backstory (because who wouldn't want the full story of why an NBA champion is just strolling down a random street?), Andrew has yet to post any more details of his chance encounter.

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Steph Curry
Steph Curry - Instagram
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The Comment Section Was Just As Excited About The Surprise Player As Andrew

"Breathing like you're hiding in the bushes and he doesn't know you're there ????"


"Bro created a tik tok and everything for this lol... but for realskies, good for you. I'd be hella excited to be able to meet him too"

"Bro has 1 tiktok post and it’s legendary"

"damn that guy in the white is really good. They should put him in the nba"

"steph does the most random stuff bro ??"

"Steph got bored of the nba and just completing side quests now"

"Why do I feel like Steph loves the game so much he was driving down a random street saw a kid playing and was like, LETS GO!"

"the heavy breathing is all you need to understand about this situation this like a super hero descending from the sky"

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NBA Buzz also shared Andrew's video on their Instagram page captioned, "Stephen Curry was walking down the street & starting shooting around with a kid on his hoop. Legend ?" Followers took to the comments to express their excitement - "Imagine you just playing in the street then a 4xtime champion 2xtime league mvp asks to take a shot?," "He is HYPERventilating for sure lmaoooo so inspirational," "Dude probably will NEVER forget that shot," and many others.

Steph Curry at Long Beach Boys & Girls Club
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Curry Is Known For Working With Children And Children-Based Charities

Helping kids with their love of basketball is not new to Curry. Last month, Curry, along with Snoop Dogg, spent a day at the Long Beach Boys & Girls Club at the John & Alice Wallace Petrolane Center playing basketball with the kids on their newly refurbished court. "This is the beginning of, hopefully, an amazing journey for you, not just in sports but in life," Curry told the kids at the event. "We want to provide a space where you can come enjoy yourself and get lost in the fun, lost in the competition, invest in yourselves." Curry's Curry Brand, powered by Under Armour, helped to unveil the refurbished court that Damion Scott, comic book artist, helped redesign.

Along with his wife Ayesha, Curry also launched the charity Eat. Learn. Play., a nonprofit organization that is "committed to fighting childhood hunger, ensuring access to education & enabling active lifestyles," according to the bio on the foundation's Instagram page.

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Steph and Ayesha Curry
Ayesha Curry - Instagram
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