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Gearing Up To Start Preschool, Steph Curry's Son 'Thinks He's The Mayor Of The School'

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By Melanie VanDerveer on August 16, 2022 at 12:00 PM EDT

NBA champion Stephen Curry's son is super excited for school to start. Of Curry's three children, he said his son Canon is the most excited. And while he's about to start preschool, his attitude is bit more junior high.

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Steph and Canon Curry
Steph Curry - Instagram
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Starting Pre-K with the Energy of Being the Mayor

Canon is the youngest child for Steph and wife Ayesha, who are also parents to daughters Riley, 10, and Ryan, 7. "He's 4, so we start pre-K, and he thinks he started middle school. So it's kind of funny, to see his energy in terms of, he thinks he's the mayor of his school already and he hasn't even shown up to campus yet," Curry told People.

The family is gearing up for the start of school with their back-to-school routines. "In the morning before the whole first week of school we try to do it as much as possible, have your morning meditation to set the intentions for the day," he explained. "Especially before the first day of school, it's to make sure everybody's in the right frame of mind of starting a new journey. It's never too early to start that for your kids."

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Stephen and Ayesha Curry and kids
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The Golden State Warriors point guard is also helping other kids to get ready for the start of a new school year. The partnership between his Oakland-based organization Eat. Learn. Play. and Rakuten helps Bay Area students return to school. The partnership has resulted in a donation to Oakland's Garfield Elementary School to reopen the school library that has been closed for 10 years. "Showing kids that there are people looking out for them and invested in their futures, it's a pretty awesome opportunity."

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Advice for the Start of a New School Year

Curry also shared some advice for families getting ready for the start of a new school year. "Create those daily routines that set you up for success. I think that's the key to tackling the different challenges. Especially as you get to those grade levels where some things might not come so easily and you have to work through, persevere through a certain challenge, your daily routines matter," he said. "And make it fun. School is supposed to be you know where you foster a love for learning, where you build a community and build friendships for life. Fun has to be the core of it."

Steph and Ayesha Curry
Steph Curry - Instagram
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Getting his son out on the Court

Speaking of learning and making it fun, Curry recently posted some pics on his Instagram page of him and his son shooting around on the basketball court. He captioned the carousel of snaps, "Saturdays are for the Curry Boys."

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Comments were filled with words of encouragement and support for the youngest Curry.

"Form about to be A1 in 3 years. Learning from the best."

"The cutest thing EVER!!!!"

"Baller jr!"

"Young wolf already puttin work in!"

"He has a follow thru at age 3 this guy going places."

"I can see Canon breaking 3pt records."

"Canon is going to be the only one to pass his dad in 3 pointers made."

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