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Corn Kid Celebrates His 8th Birthday Giving Back To The Community

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By Melanie VanDerveer on May 27, 2023 at 5:00 PM EDT

Happy birthday, Tariq!

TikTok famous Corn Kid recently celebrated his birthday by raising money and helping out at his local food bank, City Harvest, in New York City.

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Corn Kid Is 8!

Corn Kid's birthday celebration at City Harvest
Kornboyofficial - TikTok

The "corntastic" 8-year-old was on a quest to raise $8,000 for City Harvest and reached his goal! He also spent a day at the food bank helping out before celebrating his Pokémon themed birthday with friends. Recess Therapy, who first introduced Corn Kid to the internet, was also on hand for the fun celebration.

"Hi! My name is Tariq. But you might know me as the Corn Kid," he began his video.

"Come spend my 8th birthday with me. Instead of just a party, I want to give back this year, so I worked to raise over $8,000 for City Harvest and spent my birthday there packing oranges."

Tariq was able to present City Harvest with a check for $8,790 that he wrote out and signed.

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Tariq, Corn Kid, raises money for City Harvest
Kornboyofficial - TikTok
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After packing bags and bags of oranges for City Harvest to take to food pantries, it was time for Corn Kid to celebrate his birthday with a Pokémon themed party.

Anyone who follows Tariq on social media knows just how much he loves Pokémon. Everyone also knows just how much Tariq loves corn, so of course, there was corn at his birthday celebration.

"Thank you all for your support and for helping me reach my goal," he concluded his video.

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Some of Tariq's loyal followers dropped into the comments of his video to share their thoughts on his selfless birthday celebration.

"Need more ppl like this in the world ?," one person wrote. Another added, "Bless you dear ? you r amazing you always inspire me."

Many people also wished the corn-loving kid a happy birthday!

Corn Kid Was Discovered By Recess Therapy In A NYC Park Last Summer

Tariq, Corn Kid, with Recess Therapy
Korn Boy Official - TikTok

What started out as a simple interview in a park on a summer day has turned into a new career for Tariq. The list of things he's accomplished since Julian Shapiro-Barnum of Recess Therapy interviewed him is a mile long and just growing.

Shortly after his first interview hit the internet, it went viral. A song was created from that video and for a while, it was impossible for TikTokers to not have it stuck in their heads.

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Tariq was named "Corn-Bassador" of South Dakota and appeared on TV in many places, including "The Drew Barrymore Show" multiple times. He joined the Green Giant's float in the iconic Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, was interviewed by Keenan Thompson and Kevin Hart (who Tariq thought was Kel Mitchell), has attended more than one red carpet premiere and has collaborated with wildly popular YouTuber MrBeast.

Julian Shapiro-Barnum and Tariq "Corn Kid"
Julian Shapiro-Barnum - Instagram
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Most recently, Tariq attended the opening of the new Broadway show, "Shucked," and was a guest on the long-running soap opera, "The Bold and the Beautiful."

It's easy to describe how amazing the past few months have been for Tariq since that chance meeting in a park while enjoying come corn-on-the-cob by using his own words, "I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing."

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