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Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry Embarrassed & Upset Over These Nude Photos 'Leaking'

Instagram @Kaillowry
By Jacob Highley

Kailyn Lowry recently posted a public statement letting the public know that several maternity photos showing herself nude in various locations were 'leaked' without her permission.

Although the 'Teen Mom' star has expressed how embarrassed and angry she is over the incident, her ex Chris Lopez stated that he thinks she actually meant for these photos to leak!

Kailyn didn't have any of it telling the press in 'Teen Mom Shade Room': 'The photographer herself posted the photo without my permission. F*** Chris for saying that.'

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Did Kailyn Mean To Have Them Leaked?

KL statement
Instagram @Kaillowry

Although the pictures are arguably not the best taken by a professional photographer, Kailyn says they are legit. Unfortunately, this was not enough to dissuade followers from speculating.

A few commenters, in particular, started some heated debates over the validity of the story. Kailyn actually responded to several of the comments left.

'So either you leaked it so you could be outraged or someone close to you leaked it. Not just anyone would have this pic' - cnapeds (Commenter)


Kailyn Is Known For Teasing Nude Photos

Kailyn Lowry Maturnity
Instagram @Kaillowry

The biggest problem with the story currently is that many aren't buying the narrative. There are many fans who fully back what Kailyn says, but there are just as many viewers who see this as just another way to gain publicity.

One commenter wrote a lengthy response to people who became angry over Kailyn being accused of making all of this up.

'there is the rub. She isn’t everyone. She traded her privacy for fame and money. I am not agreeing with the posting of the photo but I am saying that given her choice of career it makes her a target for this sort of thing. I will also say that IF she had a hand in the posting of the pic she would not be the first to do it. If these photos were professionally done IMO they were not very good quality.' - cnapeds (Commenter)

Kailyn Talks About Her Tension With Lopez

Kailyn Lowry
Gettyimages | Gregg DeGuire

In an interview with US Weekly, Kailyn said the following about raising kids without Chris Lopez:

'I know that the situation is not ideal, however, the absolutely untrue and defamatory statements people are making about me because of this are out of hand. At the end of the day, I have three children that are happy, healthy and wonderful kids. I know I'm prepared to raise another baby on my own and we are all so excited to welcome him into our family.' - Kailyn

Lowry May Have Taken Down The Photos Due To Negativity

Kailyn Lowry
Gettyimages | Paul Archuleta

There are quite a few followers who say they believe Lowry took the photos down due to negativity in the comments and is now claiming they were leaked.

Although we don't back any theory or observation without concrete proof, their commentary has many people debating on Kailyn's social feed.

In any case, we always love to see pregnancy photos and appreciate Kailyn's bravery to even take those kinds of photos. Regardless of how the photos came to be, we're sending positive vibes her way!

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