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Alicia Keys poses for photographers

Alicia Keys Reveals The Time She Was Taken Advantage Of By A Photographer

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Chris Barilla

Alicia Keys' newly released book 'More Myself' has offered fans a never before seen glimpse into the private life of the world famous singer, as well as what Keys had to endure venturing down the path of success.

One instance in the book that Keys addressed was a particularly vulnerable moment where a photographer attempted to take advantage of her at only 19 years old. The Grammy award winning singer candidly detailed the encounter in the pages of her latest work.

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Keys, who is now 39 years old, shared the moment of vulnerability in 'More Myself,' where she said she felt "manipulated" and "objectified" by the actions of the photographer during their shoot many years ago.

The 'Empire State of Mind' singer said that the photographer had convinced her team that he needed to shoot alone with her, being leading to comments such as "open up your shirt a little" and "pull the top of your jeans down a bit in the front."

Alicia Keys performs live
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"My spirit is screaming that something is wrong, that this feels sleazy. But my protests, lodged in the back of my throat, can’t make their way out. I swallow my misgivings, tuck my thumb between the denim and my skin, and obey," the singer shared in her new book. Keys felt as though her compliance at the time was a direct result of her acting against her instincts. Being only 19 and alone with the photographer, she felt vulnerable and complied with his commands to avoid further issues.

Alicia Keys photographed performing live
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Keys explained that it wasn't so much the action of revealing herself on camera as it was the way the photographer approached the situation.

"This isn’t about me showing some skin, which I’ll do on my own terms, for my own purposes, in the coming years. It’s about feeling manipulated. It’s about being objectified," she went on to say in the candid tell-all. Despite her apprehensions at the time, the shoot and its subsequent footage were all published, leaving the singer with mixed emotions for years.

Alicia Keys smiles for photographers
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"I now understand why the photographer wanted my team out of that room. A nineteen-year-old girl is more pliable than a set of her grown-ass managers," she continued to say. A few months later when the cover hit newsstands across the country, Keys said she couldn't even bring herself to look at a copy, saying she was "embarassed" and "ashamed."

"I swear that I’ll never again let someone rob me of my power. It’s a promise I still work to keep," she concluded the segment on the ordeal.

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