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Lawsuit Against Lady Gaga Over $500,000 Reward For Her Dogs Gets Tossed

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By Favour Adegoke on July 13, 2023 at 11:30 AM EDT

Pop icon Lady Gaga has successfully had a lawsuit thrown out that sought to claim a $500,000 reward she had offered for the safe return of her stolen French bulldogs.

The lawsuit was dismissed as it was revealed that the woman was allegedly connected to the theft and shooting of Gaga's dog walker and still attempted to cash in on the reward.

Gaga had previously filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, citing "conspiracy fraud" and challenging the legitimacy of the claim.

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Lawsuit Against Lady Gaga Thrown Out In Court

Bafta Film Awards Red Carpet 2022

The incident took place back in February 2021 when Gaga's dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was shot during a violent robbery. Two of her beloved French bulldogs, Koji and Gustav, were stolen during the attack. The incident garnered significant media attention, with Gaga pleading for their safe return.

To help hasten the return of her pets, the pop icon offered a substantial reward of $500,000 to anyone who could provide information leading to the recovery of Koji and Gustav. The reward was widely publicized, with Gaga expressing her deep concern for the well-being of her dogs.

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Koji and Gustav
Instagram | Lady Gaga
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However, the case took a bizarre turn when Jennifer McBride, a woman connected to the alleged theft and shooting, attempted to claim the reward money after turning the pets in. McBride's connection to the incident has been uncovered during the investigation, with reports saying she was dating the father of one of the two men who stole the pets.

According to TMZ, the court dismissed the lawsuit after determining that McBride's involvement in the crime was a significant conflict of interest and that proceeding with the lawsuit "would allow [McBride] to benefit from her admitted wrongdoing."

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Jennifer McBride Wanted the Reward to be Tripled

The 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards

In a startling revelation from court documents, it was discovered that McBride had not only attempted to claim the $500,000 reward but also demanded that it be tripled as she claimed that Gaga's reward offer was misleading, per the Daily Mail.

The revelation further solidified suspicions that McBride's intentions were driven by personal gain rather than a genuine concern for the safe return of the stolen pets.

Two men, James Howard Jackson, and Jaylin White, were convicted for the assault on Gaga's dog walker, Ryan Fischier, whose surgery set the singer back around $100,000.

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Lady Gaga Cried Foul In The Lawsuit

Lady Gaga Fans Upset Over Dog Walker's Claims Of Being 'Unsupported, Abandoned'

Prior to the dismissal of the lawsuit, Gaga had expressed her concern and called foul play in the legal battle surrounding the $500,000 reward she had offered for the safe return of her stolen French bulldogs. Gaga, known for her vocal advocacy and protective nature when it comes to her pets, suspected ulterior motives behind the lawsuit, per CBS News.

The lawsuit, filed by Jennifer McBride, who was allegedly connected to the theft and shooting of Gaga's dog walker, raised eyebrows and prompted the singer to voice her concerns.

She questioned the timing and the legitimacy of the claim, casting doubt on McBride's intentions and potential involvement in the criminal act. Gaga's legal team then filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, citing "conspiracy fraud."

Lady Gaga Reassures Fans Of Her Commitment To Her Art

Lady Gaga Shares A 'Personal Moment' With Fans
Instagram | Lady Gaga

In a recent heartfelt statement released on Instagram, Gaga got very personal with her fans about her music projects, precisely the Chromatica Ball film, and why she had been quiet about it.

"I've been experiencing my creativity ever since last summer in a really special and private way," she wrote. The "Bad Romance" singer also revealed that she has been writing and producing music for a special project, her preparation for the character in the movie "Joker," and her extensive filming for the same film.

She also acknowledged that she's been running her start-up, Haus Labs, as well as her philanthropic engagements and putting the finishing touches to the Chromatica Ball film.

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Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) at the "House of Gucci" UK film premiere, Odeon Luxe Leicester Square, Leicester Square, on Tuesday 09 November 2021 in London, England, UK.

"I can say for the first time in many years that my love of making art, music, fashion, and supporting community has never been more fulfilling," she stated.

In her statement, the Oscar award winner thanked fans for their support and said she hoped her words would serve as a "small reminder" of how invested she still is in her music and art. 

"Thank you for being willing to grow with me so that I can change and transform with the community I love so much. I hope you love all the things I've been creating for you and I hope this is a small reminder to you of my deep passion and commitment to art," Gaga concluded.

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