Britney Spears is back to scaring her fans, with her rants.

And not just that, after an Instagram post where she declared she wanted to be feared, Spears went dark on Instagram.

This is not the first the embattled pop star has done so as she went off IG before as well, in September 2021.

Did she choose to leave Instagram for a sabbatical from social media and if so, why was there no announcement from her end?


Or did IG boot her out, tired of her nude pics and her “rebel and free woman” attitude?

Spears’ last post was about Las Vegas, and the difference she felt now and when she was doing her residency there, under her father’s thumb.

Back then, all she did were hours-long meet and greets with people, this time, she checked into a spa.

And when the masseuse tried to reassure her, telling her that people still loved her, Spears wanted none of that.

She said so in her IG post, saying being loved got her trapped, now, she simply wanted to be feared!