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Elon Musk ‘Likes’ Grimes’ Post Defending Britney Spears’ Knife Dancing Video

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By Kristin Myers on September 29, 2023 at 11:00 AM EDT

It looks like Elon Musk and Grimes are coming to the defense of pop star Britney Spears following her viral knife dancing video.

On Monday, the "Toxic" singer took to Instagram to share a video that featured her dancing with knives, although she insisted that they were fake. On Tuesday, she returned to dancing on Instagram, although she had a few cuts and bruises that made fans question if the knives were fake after all.

However, the Tesla CEO suspected that the pop star was only "trolling" her followers days before he "liked" a tweet on X, formerly known as Twitter, from his ex-girlfriend Grimes that seemingly defended the pop star's video, calling it "good art."

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Elon Musk Suspects That Britney Spears Is 'Probably Just Trolling' With Knife Dancing Video

On Tuesday, Ed Krassenstein reposted a clip of Britney’s dancing video to his own account. "Is Britney Spears OK? Is it any of our business?" he asked. "I see so many people constantly talking about Britney Spears and the videos that she has been posting on social media. Early this morning, she posted this video of herself dancing with knives? Are people being too judgmental or is the criticism of Britney warranted?"

The tweet got plenty of attention online, including from the "Chief Twit" Elon Musk himself, who asked, "Has she injured herself? If not, probably just trolling."

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Britney Spears with bandage on arm
Instagram | Britney Spears
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The "Oops!... I Did It Again" singer did share a video where she appeared to have several injuries, including a bandage on her arm, a cut on her leg, and a bruise on her lower back. However, she made no reference to her injuries.

In the caption of this Instagram post, Britney wrote, “My ‘Pretty Woman’ top … kinda cool after my briefing on polka dots ???????? !!!! Swipe to see both !!!” The cuts and bandages are missing in later videos, prompting some to suspect that Britney might really have been trolling after all.

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Grimes Calls Britney's Knife Video 'Good Art'

On Tuesday, Dr. Richard Harambe shared a video of Britney dancing with knives to his own Instagram page, commenting, “Maybe freeing Britney wasn’t a good idea.”

After her mental health breakdown in 2007, the “Overprotected” singer was placed in a conservatorship from February 2008 to November 2021, when it was finally struck down by a judge.

The tweet caught the attention of Canadian pop star Grimes on Thursday, who tweeted, “This is unironically good art tho.” The tweet was “liked” by Elon Musk.

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Sage Lazuli was one of the first to comment, writing, “I personally liked it as well lol is it a bit weird and crazy? Yeah. That’s why it’s great People keep trying to dampen Britney’s creative expression and it’s annoying. Let her express herself!”

Another follower ventured, "Brit is just inspired" while posting a TikTok video of Shakira's 2023 MTV Video Music Awards performance from September 12, when she also danced with knives.

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Britney Spears Insists The Knives Are Fake, Says She Was 'Inspired' By Shakira

On Thursday night, the Princess of Pop took to Instagram to share a video of her dancing in a pink drawstring and white crop top. The knives are back, although the cut on her leg and the bruise on her back appear to be missing.

“I know I spooked everyone with the last post, but these are fake knives that my team rented from Hand Prop shop in LA. These are not real knives. No one needs to worry or call the police,” she wrote in the caption, referring to how the police conducted a welfare check on her Wednesday night.

She then said that she was inspired by Shakira’s performance, writing, “I’m trying to imitate one of my favorite performers Shakira … a performance I was inspired by !!!  Cheers to us bad girls who aren’t afraid to push boundaries and take risks ??????!”

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The "Gimme More" singer first insisted that she was only trying to imitate Shakira’s MTV VMAs performance two days ago, when she shared a video of her dancing in the same outfit, but without the knives.

At the time, she wrote, “??? Lighten up about the knives I’m copying Shakira ? !!!”

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