Savannah Chrisley Warned Brother Chase About His Ex-fiancee, Says She 'Yelled' At Her

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on September 6, 2023 at 8:00 PM EDT

Savannah Chrisley is speaking candidly about her older brother Chase's broken relationship with his ex-fiancée Emmy Medders, and her relationship, or lack thereof, with Medders.

Chase and Medders got engaged in October 2022 but sadly called it off in July, unsurprising to Savannah, who once warned her sibling about his ex-lover.

Dishing on the matter in a recent episode of her podcast, she revealed an alarming act Medders did earlier in the duo's relationship, contributing to her deduction about her. 

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Savannah Chrisley & Chase Discuss His Ex-fiancée Months After Their Split

Savannah could not stop herself from telling Chase, "I told you not to get engaged" on the September 5 episode "Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley" podcast. However, her brother believed her presence at the engagement was "bad juju," implying he and Medders' split was her fault.

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Chase Chrisley celebrates sister Savannah Chrisley's birthday with throwback photos
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The 26-year-old internet personality was not having it as she reiterated, "Hey, it told you don't get engaged. It's too soon – don't do it, and you did."

Chase then admitted that the relationship taught him "a lot of lessons," even though it was not always bad. He also noted that they were both dealing with stuff and mutually decided to part ways. This led Savannah to say, "Honestly though, I think though you're over the hump now, like I think you're doing good."

The 27-year-old reality star agreed while acknowledging God for moving Medders out of his life as "it clearly was not meant to be." 

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"There's a lot of dirty sh-t that went down," he shared. "Sh-t that should have been handled differently; just the lack of respect was not there." Savannah pointed out that the "lack of respect" was "on both sides," prompting her brother to own up to his mistakes but claiming, "It's just safe to say she's not who I thought she was." 

Still, Chase confessed that he "did act out of character" by saying things he should not have when drunk.  The pair's separation seemed to have relieved the Chrisley clan, especially Savannah, who declared, "I like y'all better apart than I like you together."  

She believed "the intentions" were not right from the beginning and shared why she had that opinion. "I did give her a chance at some point throughout the process," the podcaster explained  

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Elaborating on the subject, the "Sharknado" star said, "At the very beginning, I tried to give her a chance, and then she like blew me off, so I just said screw this. I don't need another friend. I got all the ones I need. But the moment she yelled at me on the phone, I was done. I was like, no, this has not happened. I don't know who you think you're dealing with, but you got the wrong person today."

Although Savannah and Chase did not think Medders was a "bad person," the August-born TV star stressed that her brother chose his ex's family over his own, including spending holidays with them, which he denied. He later clarified that he was "really in love," and it screwed him up; however, thanks to God, he could get through the affair, learning "a lot of valuable lessons."

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After news of Chase and Medder's breakup made rounds in July, Chase opened up about the reason behind the split a month after in his first interview. "Everything happens for a reason. God's got a plan. And I think God heard conversations that I didn't hear," he shared. "He saw things I didn't see and moved her on her way, and I could not be more thankful."

The onscreen personality then proved he was over his ex by announcing his return to the dating scene, saying, "I am back dating, yeah. I've already been on dates. I'm ready to go!"

The Chase Chrisley Collection Founder Announced His Split From His Ex-fiancée On Instagram

Back in July, Chase and his ex-fiancée scrubbed each other from their respective social media pages, causing rumors about the state of their relationship.  This led the "Chrisley Knows Best" alum to drop the news about his and Medders' separation on his Instagram Story on Tuesday, July 25. 

"Everybody has been asking a lot of questions regarding Emmy and myself," he wrote. "We both agreed to part ways and move on with our lives separately. Thank you for respecting our privacy."

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Chase Chrisley's Fiancée Removing All Her Tattoos

At the time, Chase and his siblings unfollowed Medders, whom he got engaged to nine months earlier with a 3.5-carat oval diamond ring. She also failed to address their breakup publicly. 

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