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Victoria Beckham Declares We 'Got A New Chef' After Brooklyn Cooking Drama

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on April 16, 2023 at 11:45 AM EDT

The Beckham family has a new chef, and Victoria Beckham is introducing her to the world!

It appears cooking runs in the Beckham family as David Beckham is popularly known for his kitchen skills, just like his firstborn, Brooklyn Beckham, who recently cleared the air about not being a chef.

The youngest Beckham, Harper Seven, born in July 2011, follows her father and big brother's steps as her mom jokingly unveiled her as the family's newest addition to the kitchen staff.

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Victoria Beckham Flaunts Daughter Harper Practicing Her Kneading Skills In Instagram Video

The internationally recognized style icon is a proud mother showing off her baby girl's cooking prowess in three entertaining snaps on Instagram.

In the first clip, the budding chef was captured kneading a pizza dough on a counter while Victoria called her to look at the camera, which she did, smiling. "Got a new chef!!!" the excited mother declared on the update and tagged Miami Slice, an American pizza restaurant.

Another video followed on her Insta Story, showing Harper with an enlarged size of pizza dough covering her body as she stretched it with her arms and elbow. Her father could be heard saying in the background, "Harper, how big is your pizza?"

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Meanwhile, as the pre-teen kept stretching the dough, it ripped, prompting her and the room to laugh. She laid the scattered dough on the counter, grinning while her mom said, "She cooks like me" in the background."

The English fashion designer added a text overlay at the top of the update, which read, "And guess what…." Furthermore, at the clip's bottom, she wrote, "She cooks like me!!," tagging the restaurant.

Victoria dropped an ensuing picture showing Harper and another young girl beaming at the camera with their heads together as they showed their hands stained with flour batter. "Girls making dinner!!!" she wrote on it, tagging the restaurant again alongside Alexa Haughey. 

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As fans are aware, the amusing posts come in the wake of Brooklyn declaring to his followers that he is not a chef after being slammed for his odd cooking skills. The Blast reported that the 24-year-old hosted a Q&A session on his Instagram Story where he allowed his fans to ask him anything.

One Instagram user wasted no time asking if the former model was a chef, to which he replied, "Nope x but food is my passion." He divulged the surprising news with a shot of his hand covering his face. 

The reveal may have been prompted due to the realization of the failure of his cooking career and possibly given the criticism he received after introducing his Fettuccini Alfredo recipe that critics claimed looked nothing like the original.

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One follower openly showed they disapproved of the dish as they ranted, "There is not one thing in this recipe that is Alfredo???? This is a Béchamel. I'm sure it's good, but it is spaghetti in Béchamel, not Alfredo." 

Similarly, another stated, "No, no, and again no! So many mistakes in only one dish! Please, no!" A few months ago, Brooklyn was targeted again after sharing a tutorial clip preparing the famous Beef Roast.

Although a few fans sent good reviews, others were not so supportive, including one who mocked, "A good vet could bring that back to life," while another believed the food was undercooked.

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'The Real Beckhams' Star Compares Son And Husband's Pancake-Flipping Skills

Victoria Beckham crowns daughter Harper as a chef

Although haters keep hating Brooklyn's cooking skills, his mother could not help but praise his talent amid the onslaught while proving that he got the craft from his father.

As The Blast reported, she initially posted a video of David flipping a large pancake effortlessly to celebrate pancake day. "So it's pancake day, and David is tossing away," she said in the reel featuring only her husband's appearance. And in the caption, she wrote, "Tossing away in the kitchen! Happy Pancake Day!! @davidbeckham.”

The 48-year-old TV personality went on with another footage but in slo-mo, displaying Brooklyn flipping a pancake in the same remarkable way as his dad, indicating how skilled he was in the kitchen.

As seen in her Stories, she added a message hinting at her non-existent cooking skills, saying, "I am the only one in my family that can't cook," which she may have passed on to her daughter Harper.

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