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Chris Brown Drops His 'Don't Mess With' List Following AMAs Scandal

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By Afouda Bamidele on November 27, 2022 at 9:00 AM EST

Chris Brown is out here dropping subliminal messages!

After his "Michael Jackson Tribute" performance was canceled from the AMA event and his subsequent no-show at the ceremony, he went radio silent until recently. Now, he has dropped a list of things that should not be messed with, and its contents were quite interesting. 

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Chris Brown Shares List While Reeling From AMA Performance Snub

Chris Brown's post on his Instagram page
Instagram | Chris Brown

It is safe to say that the musician has had an eventful couple of months, and it looks like it is not going away. Nevertheless, it seems the 'Don't Mess With' list might become a trend after all — just over a month ago, star actress Gabrielle Union dropped hers most interestingly.

However, Brown kept his simple when he took to his Instagram story to post a "Don't Mess With" list containing just three things. The worded photo post had a topic that read, "3 things to live by," before giving the list below:

"Don't mess with my kids, Don't mess with my family (blood or not), and Don't mess with my ???."

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Whether he is trying to make it known that those three things have been messed with recently has not been confirmed, especially after The Blast reported that the hitmaker had spoken about fighting battles earlier. 

It is no news that the R&B star has been linked to some negative information concerning violence against women, which all started in 2009. After making headlines that he had abused his then-girlfriend Rihanna, different women since then keep coming up with allegations which usually do not last in court but have caused damage to his reputation.

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Chris Brown's post on his Instagram story
Instagram | Chris Brown
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With such a reputation, true or not, it may have cost him his performance at the recently held American Music Awards. Addressing the controversy, the "Go Crazy" singer cryptically addressed it on his Instagram story, writing, "Can't fight all your battles using the same weapon."

While the "Stomp The Yard" actor did not say any more than that message, it might be linked to what later happened at the ceremony when singer Kelly Rowland stood up for him in his absence. Fans will recall that at the event, the "Dilemma" singer was asked to come on stage to present the award for the Favorite male R&B artist, which turned out to be Brown. 

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The fact that he won then elicited boos from the audience, to which the "Grammy Award" winning singer quieted the crowd and proceeded to defend him. "Excuse me, chill out," she said as she lauded his craft and immense contribution to the genre. 

The actress added, "I want to tell Chris, Thank you so much for making great R&B music, and I want to tell him, 'Thank you for being an incredible performer." She ended the acceptance speech by stating that she would personally bring the award to him and "I love you."

Her response shocked fans who came for the "Motivation" singer with some angry reactions. One user was very intense as they wrote, "What the f**k is Chris brown doing still winning awards, and why is Kelly Rowland up there thanking his a** wtf truly." 

Another user was upset because Rowland gestured for the crowd to keep quiet so she could speak on his behalf while adding that they would turn the TV off because of her actions.

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Here Is Gabrielle Union's "Don't Mess With" List

Gabrielle Union at Los Angeles Special Screening Of Netflix's 'The Redeem Team'

Known for protecting her own without any questions asked, she took to social media in a fun video to remind her followers who she does not play with in her life. The Blast shared that the actress posted a video on her Instagram story to share the straightforward message. 

The clip began with the words "Intro To Gabrielle Union 101" written on a whiteboard before displaying the "Think Like A Man" star excitedly welcoming her audience to her class. Captured in a set that looked like a classroom, she introduced her "syllabus" and asked the students to follow along.

The mother-of-one was dressed in a casual black ensemble of slacks and a long-sleeved blouse paired with loafers while her hair was piled up and expertly woven. After introducing the syllabus, she returned to the board where "Don't Mess With My" was written, leading to the list.

"My money" beside two dollar signs was first on the list, followed by "My time," and finally, "My family," after which a picture of the entire "Wade" clan popped up on the screen. Bringing the video to an end, she said, "Okay. And that is intro to Gabrielle Union 101," She looked at the camera with a glare, flipped her marker, and left.

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