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Chris Brown Talks Fighting 'Battles' In Cryptic Post Amid AMAs Scandal

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on November 24, 2022 at 6:30 PM EST

Chris Brown is speaking up following the AMAs scandal that painted his name in a negative light.

The R&B star has previously been linked with several claims of violence, especially towards women. In 2009, the singer made headlines when he abused his then-girlfriend Rihanna. After this, other women spoke about their experience with the singer.

At the just concluded American Music Awards, Brown was the center of negativity after his MJ tribute was canceled out of nowhere, and Kelly Rowland had to come to his defense after the crowd booed him.

Now, Breezy came out to highlight that he’s facing a lot of public attacks. 

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Chris Brown Breaks Silence After Kelly Rowland Got Criticized For Supporting Him

The “No Guidance” singer dropped an update on his Instagram Story, seemingly addressing all the controversy that has ensued in the past few days. He wrote, “Can’t fight all your battles using the same weapon.”

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Chris Brown performing at Wireless Festival, Crystal Palace Park, London
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Although the dancer didn’t state what battles he’s been fighting, it could be linked to the recent brouhaha at the AMAs involving Rowland supporting him. In case you missed it, we reported a few days ago that fans wagged their tongues when the Destiny’s Child alum showed love to the pop singer onstage at the award ceremony.

It followed that the Grammy-winning singer was called onstage to present the award for Favorite male R&B artist, of which Brown emerged as winner. This announcement triggered boos from a large audience. 

In giving an acceptance speech on Brown’s behalf as he was absent, the “Motivation” singer shushed the audience who were making jest of Brown. “Excuse me, chill out,” Rowland said. She then continued to praise Brown’s craft and contribution to the R&B genre.

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“I want to tell Chris, ‘Thank you so much for making great R&B music,’ and I want to tell him, ‘Thank you for being an incredible performer,’ ” Rowland said. “I’ll take this award, bring it to you. I love you.”

Twitter users had mixed reactions to Rowland’s apparent support for the dancer. Some users opined that the 44-year-old shouldn’t have supported the artist, given his past record of violence against women. 

A user wrote, “What the f**k is Chris brown doing still winning awards, and why is Kelly Rowland up there thanking his a** wtf truly.” Another user wrote, “Chris Brown just won an #AMAs *and* Kelly Rowland shushed the audience so she could praise him and preach about how much she loves him? Whew! It might be time to turn this off.” 

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An avid fan of Rowland seemed shocked by her behavior, adding, “Kelly Rowland defending Chris Brown with her whole chest. Yikes”

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Some Fans, However, Support Rowland’s Actions

Amidst the backlash, some other observers took sides with Rowland. “I appreciate what Kelly Rowland did. People will demonize a person as if they can never learn, change or grow. Praying for Chris Brown ❤️,” a fan pointed out. 

Another user expressed that Rowland risked her career to support the rapper. The excited user shared, “I’m so proud of the black community for standing behind Chris in this AMA fiasco. Congrats Breezy! You deserved the win and everyone deserves a second chance. WE LOVE YOU!”

One other observer penned a lengthy message addressing those who attacked Rowland, writing, “White women across America are days away from happily sharing Thanksgiving dinner with their racist, anti-abortion, Trump loving dads, uncles, brothers, husbands, and granddads but have the unseasoned AUDACITY to attempt shaming Kelly Rowland for appreciating Chris Brown’s work.”

Before this show of support, the “Loyal” singer announced that the AMAs canceled his MJ’s tribute at the event. The singer updated the media with a video where he was rehearsing some Michael Jackson-inspired moves.

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Chris Brown breaks silence on AMAs

The songwriter captioned the update, “U SERIOUS? … “WOULDVE been the ama performance, but they canceled me for reasons unknown.” Speculations were that this cancellation is linked to his past issues, although the AMAs denied the accusation.

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The Destiny Child’s Reason For Supporting Brown

After the media’s onslaught on the “Say My Name” singer, she disclosed why she supported Brown against all odd. Per The Blast, Rowland believes that grace is real and that humans should learn to be forgiving. 

The Tv personality also shared that people need to focus on the good and never forget that we are all humans. The singer said people need to forgive Brown, especially regarding his controversy with Rihanna, which happened almost 14 years ago.

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