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'Temptation Island' Host Mark Walberg Shares Ideas About Season 5 & New Podcast!

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By MLC on June 8, 2022 at 2:45 PM EDT

Temptation Island” host Mark Walberg gave The Blast and exclusive interview about ideas he has for season five.

Before we get to the juicy news about next season, we have to give applause to the host with the most and his sound relationship advice.

Viewers of “Temptation Island” know Walberg is a fan favorite. He is the ultimate dad to the couples AND the singles.

He is all about creating and fostering inter-personal relationships.

While speaking to him about the entire ‘TI’ experience he told us, “I say to everybody, ‘Episodes end, but relationships don’t.’ There have been just tribes of friendships that have gone from one season to the other.”

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He continued, “I just love that there’s a common experience that they more often than not, I hear from them that they… that the experience itself was worth it.”

The Blast asked if there were any changes or updates he’d like to make to the current show.

Walberg does wish viewers had more of an opportunity to connect with the singles.

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Walberg Wishes There Was More One-On-One Time For The Singles


“Quite honestly, if there were any change on the show, which is kind of opposite of what my philosophy always is, because I don’t think show needs me in any more capacity. From my own personal experience… I wouldn’t mind having more bonfire-esque opportunity, conversation opportunity with the singles as well,” he admitted. “I find them fascinating and there’s a lot of story there and what they’re looking for and a lot of questions I would have. You know, there were times where I would’ve said, ‘Hey Taylor, what are you doing or are you just hooking up for TV or is this a THING?’”

This is in reference to Taylor Patrick hooking up with Ashe Lamiroultthroughout season five and then completely ghosting them after they left the island.

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We asked if the idea of a “singles bonfire” has potential for next season.

“Regardless of the TV show, I care about what they’re going through as well,” he said. “I like the idea that everybody is there hoping to find the thing all of us are hoping to find, right?’

He continued to explain that telling the story of the four couples isn’t the entire story, which is something we saw during the reunion special when unaired clips were shown.

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Could There Be A Singles Bonfire In Future Seasons???


Unfortunately, not everything on the cutting room floor makes it into the actual show, and there’s a lot of background from everyone involved that goes unaired.

Walberg noted that if it were up to him, everyone would have some adult beverages, sit around his pool and talk all the time.

Many of ‘TI’ fans and fans of Walberg have asked him on social media if he’s considered becoming a licensed therapist or counselor.

Walberg has the utmost respect and esteem for therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists who know “what they’re talking about.”

In his words, he’s just doing “Dad stuff and life stuff.”

Walberg is working on getting a podcast together in the next few weeks. He explained there will be guests and humor.

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Walberg Is Planning To Release A Podcast!

“I also have a very deep relationship with one of my dearest friends, Pat Finn, who was the host of a game show I was the announcer on back in the beginning of our careers, but his life’s work has been coaching and he has an organization called Rubicon Results. Basically, a team experience over several weeks where through coaching this team lays out what they want to accomplish, this is not airy fairy at all,” he explained.

Walberg is considering taking a team of 10-12 people through the program as his official step into the coaching career space.

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