The Blast got an exclusive interview with “Temptation Island’s” very own, Mark Walberg.

Following last week’s EXPLOSIVE reunion, we just had to know what the show host thought of Taylor Patrick ghosting Ash Lamiroult.

We reported that the personal trainer gave his island fling a fake phone number before leaving “Temptation Island.”

“I was surprised… look, I wasn’t surprised Taylor had no interest in having a relationship outside of when they got back to real life. That didn’t shock me,” Walberg told us.

What did really “disappoint” Walberg was the fake number!

“I mean I’d say this straight to him, with all the love in the world, but come on, man. Have a conversation,” he explained.

Walberg said he didn’t understand why Taylor would give a fake number. Just don’t give out a number at all.

Taylor reportedly said Ashe freaked him out during their final date.

“You know she was kind of like, kind of like, reading his palm and said some stuff that freaked him out. But none of that is an excuse to not honor one another by being honest.”