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‘Temptation Island’ Host Mark Walberg Weighs In On Taylor Ghosting Ashe; 'I'm Disappointed'

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By MLC on June 3, 2022 at 2:15 PM EDT

The Blast got an exclusive interview with “Temptation Island’s” very own, Mark Walberg.

Following last week’s EXPLOSIVE reunion special, we just had to know what the show host thought of Taylor Patrick ghosting Ashe Lamiroult.

Quick recap, we reported that the personal trainer gave his island fling (Ashe) a fake phone number before leaving “Temptation Island.”

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Taylor Gave Ashe A Fake Phone Number Before Leaving The Island!

Taylor Patrick Temptation Island Reunion

Taylor and Ashe had an intense and fiery relationship during their time on the island. In fact, it was so intense and fiery, they were the only couple in the girl’s villa to have sex.

Given we were highly invested in the show and the relationships forming between the girl’s and guy’s villas on the island, we had to know what Walberg thought about Taylor’s ghosting.

“Taylor seemed like a sweet, semi-innocent surfer dude, he probably has a bad boy side, but that wasn’t the case,” we asked. “How did you feel when you found out at the reunion that Taylor gave Ash a fake phone number? Did you expect this kind of behavior from Taylor?”

“I would’ve become the rolling eyes emoji,” Walberg quipped.

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He continued, “Ashe is a lot. I adore Ashe, by the way. I really, really, as you can see, I have a sweet spot in my heart for her. But she’s a lot. She’s a lot, and I love that about her. I love people who are a lot. I was surprised… look, I wasn’t surprised Taylor had no interest in having a relationship outside of when they got back to real life. That didn’t shock me.”

What really did “disappoint” Walberg was the fake number!

Umm… yeah, us too!

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Mark Walberg Was Disappointed But Not Shocked By Taylor's Actions

“I mean I’d say this straight to him, with all the love in the world, but come on, man. Have a conversation,” he explained. “So, yeah, I had the same reaction to that, and I don’t understand it. He brought up some stuff that I don’t think made it into the final cut of the reunion about stuff that Ashe said that freaked him out on their final date. You know she was kind of like, kind of like, reading his palm and said some stuff that freaked him out. But none of that is an excuse to not honor one another by being honest.”

Walberg went on to say he has no problem with relationships like Ashe and Taylor’s as they were going on given they both seemed really, really into one another. However, there was something about the relationship that Walberg felt it could be short lived.

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“I could sense that, you know, I would not have bet that this was gonna be the thing. I think that he was a completely different body type, person type than she was used to. It must’ve felt great to have this gorgeous guy fawning and loving all over her,” he explained.

Ashe Said Somethings To Taylor That Freaked Him Out

ash & taylor on temptation island season four

During the time on the island, Walberg got to know most of the singles pretty well, including Taylor.

“We saw parts of Taylor that were strong and wonderful, I just was disappointed. I guess that’s such a dad thing to say, ‘I’m not angry at you, I’m just disappointed,’” he said laughing.

He explained he wished everyone had enough emotional intelligence to be straight up with the other person involved in the relationship.

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“I think one of the things that I see a lot in interpersonal relationships, not just love relationships, that I used to do all the time and still do from time to time is that we don’t want anybody… we don’t like confrontation, we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. So, what we do is bulls**t. Which is far more hurtful,” Walberg said. “In doing so, we’re saying to the other person, ‘I don’t have enough respect for you to handle the truth. That you’re not going to fall apart.’ It’s really kind of self-absorbed.”

The lesson to learn here is that honesty is always the best policy, and respect is a MUST in all relationships, no matter what!

Follow Walberg on Instagram: @markwalberg.

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