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'Temptation Island:' Gillian Gives Relationship Update With Edgar Following Reunion!

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By MLC on May 31, 2022 at 5:45 PM EDT

Season four of “Temptation Island” has officially come to an end.

Most of the couples who came to ‘TI’ looking for relationship guidance, found what they needed and left the island single.

One couple, who did withstand the trials and temptations of the island, left engaged!

Luke Wechselberger and Iris Jardiel got their happily ever after on “Temptation Island” and appeared as a united front at the reunion special.

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One Couple Didn't Let Temptation Ruin Their Relationship!

Temptation Island Luke proposes to Iris

Sadly, Ash Lamiroult, Hania Stocker, Ashley Rodriguez, Lascelles Lagares, Gillian Lieberman, and Edgar De Santiago were single and not so ready to mingle with their respective exes.

However, the reunion special was taped back in February, so they’ve all had time to lick their wounds and mend their broken hearts.

A quick recap about the couple.

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It Was A Tear-Filled Reunion Special

Gillian crying to Edgar at Temptation Island Reunion

Gillian and Edgar met during college at Ball State University. They had been dating for three years upon coming to “Temptation Island.”

Edgar had stepped out on Gillian and their relationship previously, and she wanted to see if being single in her early 20s was the right decision for her.

Both Gillian and Edgar struck up relationships during their time on the island, and Edgar left the final bonfire with Marissa Rodriguez.

Gillian’s relationship with Tommy Soltis started and ended on the island.

On Monday, May 30, Gillian took to her Instagram Story and shared an update on her relationship status with Edgar.

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Edgar De Santiago at Temptation Island Reunion
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A fan wrote in to Gillian and asked, “Have you seen Edgar since the reunion?”

“I have not seen Edgar since the reunion,” she admitted. “I saw him at the reunion in February in LA and after that we’ve texted here and there just about the show, checking in, but no.”

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Gillian Gives Update On Her Relationship With Edgar

Gillian continued to explain whether or not she thinks a relationship with Edgar is even possible at this point.

“Do you feel you all can stay friends if you all get in another relationship?” another fan asked.

Gillian responded, “I think Edgar and I can definitely stay friends in a new relationship. I think we honestly work better as friends, and I think originally we had an amazing three years together, but we’re definitely meant to be friends.”

During their final bonfire, Gillian explained, “I came to the island because I needed to see if my college relationship was what I really wanted. I came in very dependent on Edgar. Every problem I had was, ‘Edgar will solve it.’ That made me forget who I am deep down. So, I feel like my number one goal here was to embrace the experience and I feel like I absolutely did that. Through this experience I’ve learned to let my walls down and take chances. And then Edgar had sex with one of the girls, I am not excited to see him. A part of me really loves him still and sitting across from him and not hugging him is going to be really hard.”

From the looks of her Instagram, Gillian’s desire to be independent and single is being attained.

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