The final bonfires on “Temptation Island” have all been put out.

Some were put out with tears of sadness while others were put out with tears of joy.

For Hania Stocker, his final bonfire was put out with an earful from Ash Lamiroult.

The scorned girlfriend held nothing back when it came to telling her cheating boyfriend how she feels.

“I’m not a person you’re working on. I’m not someone who needs to get their s**t together, so that I can make you feel better,” she expressed.

Ash continued, “I made room for you like I haven’t made room for anyone in my life and I wasn’t getting anything back and other people were getting you and that f**king hurts.”

Hania apologized incessantly for his shortcomings and affairs.

“You trusted me and I abused it,” Hania said to Ash.

Despite everything said, Hania proposed to Ash… and got DENIED!