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'Temptation Island' Reunion: Lascelles' Dirty Little Secrets Exposed & Leaves Cast SHOOK!

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By MLC on May 26, 2022 at 9:00 AM EDT

The “Temptation Island” reunion was one for the history books.

Season four of the reality dating series came to an end on Wednesday, May 25.

There were many tears, breakups, new relationships formed and even an engagement when all was said and done.

Following part two of the final bonfire was the reunion special.

It brought back all four couples along with some singles that played key roles throughout the season.

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The "Temptation Island" Reunion Special Is Here!


Ashley Rodriguez and Lascelles Lagares were the first couple to be reunited along with their significant others from “Temptation Island,” Trace Winningham and Blake Blumenshine.

And just a heads up, there will be SPOILERS.

Ashley and Lascelles broke up during the final bonfire. Ashley went home solo while Lascelles left with Trace. Ashley and Lascelles dated for seven years before coming to “Temptation Island.”

However, the real world was far from a paradise for Trace and Lascelles.

The couple ultimately decided to be “just friends” (with benefits) following the finale, and Lascelles gave a last-ditch effort to shoot his shot with Ashley one more time.

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Lascelles Tried To Get Ashley Back After The Show Ended

Lascelles and Ashley an Temptation Island reunion

Lascelles had his head in his hands and tears streaming down his face while watching the season highlights.

However, it’s not because he felt bad, it’s because he saw what he took for granted and so easily gave up.

“I took Ashley for granted. I didn’t appreciate all the things she did for me and what we had,” Lascelles admitted.

This admission came after it was revealed by Ashley that he told her ‘I love you’ while he was still semi-together with Trace.

Lascelles reached out to Ashley with the message because he saw her getting serious with someone new.

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Lascelles Is The ULTIMATE Love Bomber

Lascelles on Temptation Island

Lascelles even admitted, “I want my cake and to eat it too. That’s me. I wanted both (Ashley & Trace).”

But that isn’t the half of the bombshells revealed.

Viewers got see what footage was left on the cutting room floor and it was SEXUAL to say the least.

In one clip, Lascelles and Trace can be seen talking on a day bed. He told her if the cameras weren’t rolling they’d be in his room doing other things.

In yet another clip that didn’t make the final cut, Trace and Lascelles are in a bathroom with the door locked.

You can hear him say, “This is getting bigger and I can’t do anything about it. I know you low key want to see it.”

Trace responds, “I do.”

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Trace Winningham
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This clearly caught the model by surprise because she blurted out, “You could hear that?”

Here’s where things really took a jaw dropping turn.

Alexa Coppola first caught Lascelles eye early on in the season. She really liked him, but the feelings weren’t mutual.

Alexa Coppola Temptation Island
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Turns out, after “Temptation Island” wrapped shooting, some of the cast members got together for a night out on the town.

It’s unclear what city and state they were in, as well as the club they went to, but the truth of the matter is, Alexa’s loose lips definitely sunk some ships.

She revealed that she and Lascelles “hooked up” in October 2021.

Alexa Drops Not One, But Two Major Bombshells

A shocked Trace asks her to “define” hook up.

Alex explains, “We’re at a club with a few of the cast members and we’re dancing and you were like, ‘I really want to kiss you right now, but is anyone looking. Can anyone see us?’”

Right away, Lascelles puts up a defense, a measly one at that, but a defense nonetheless and hits back, “You kissed me.”

Alexa pointed out that he’s 6’2” and she’s 5’2” so it’s practically impossible for her to physically reach his lips and kiss her, unless she knew how to magically float off the ground.

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Alexa Coppola and Lascelles Lagares

But Alexa wasn’t the only one he “hooked up” with that night. Lascelles also made out with Meghan Pilkington that same night!

After fumbling over his words, he finally admits to Trace he did make out with both women.

“Yes, I was under the influence. I was under the influence so I said, ‘fine,’” he quipped.

Trace, clearly astonished, responded, “I’m honestly disgusted by it.”

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Trace Is Absolutely Disgusted By His Behavior

Trace Winningham in shock

Once again, Lascelles tried to put the blame on ANYTHING other than himself, and he said the girls were hanging around him before the make out sessions.

“I’m shaking. You know me,” she says. “Is there an explanation for it? You were just drunk or were you just blaming everything on alcohol? You said ‘I love you’ on alcohol, you kissed girls on alcohol, what else?”

Lascelles copped out saying, “Everything I say is going to be used against me, so I’d rather not talk.”

And to add the cherry on top of it all, Trace revealed that the make outs happened the month before he went to visit her in November 2021.

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“Oh, so you kissed them first and then came and visited me. Okay,” she says with tears rolling down her face.

Lascelles explains he can never “trust” Alexa again, to which ‘TI’ show host, Mark Walberg, steps in with some good ole fashioned TRUTHS.

“That’s not trust. That’s conspiring to keep a secret,” Walberg told him.

Boom, mic drop!

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