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'Love Is Blind' Stars Deepti Vempati & Kyle Abrams Tease Romance

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By MLC on April 14, 2022 at 4:57 PM EDT

“Love Is Blind” stars Deepti Vampeti and Kyle Abrams are keeping the fame ride going following the end of season two.

Deepti and Kyle were both fan favorites of the Netflix reality dating show; however, fans had a real sweet spot for Deepti given her relationship with Abishek “Shake” Chaterjee.

In case you haven’t binged the second episode, PAUSE this, go binge and return back here.

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Deepti Vampeti & Kyle Abrams Stir Up More Romance Rumors


We don’t want to give any spoilers away, but this is your SPOILER ALERT warning.

The second season saw Deepti and Kyle have a connection in the pods, but they went their separate ways with other people.

Kyle proposed to Shaina Hurley, who was head over heels in love with Shayne Jansen.

Following their proposal, Shaina called it off because she was still obsessing over Shayne, who had proposed to Natalie Lee.

Deepti was proposed to by Chicago-based veterinarian, Shake.

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Deepti Said "I Don't" To Shake

Deepti and Shake from Love Is Blind season 2
Instagram / thepuppydoc

The two made it all the way down the aisle, but when it came to say “I Do,” Deepti said, “I DON’T!”

And I can personally say, I breathed a deep sigh of relief at that moment.

During the reunion special, sparks seemed to fly between Kyle and Deepti. He even admitted he regretted not proposing to Deepti in the pods.

Well, following the wrap of the show, the two stirred up romance rumors left and right.

Now, after months of dating speculation, the two may have unofficially confirmed they’re official.

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Romance Rumors Swirled After The Reunion

“Love Is Blind” cast BTS at reunion

TMZ caught Kyle and Deepti out at high-end eatery and celebrity hotspot, Craigs, in West Hollywood on Wednesday, April 13.

As the paparazzi do, they bombarded them with questions about the status of their relationship.

When asked, “How are you guys, how are things?”

Kyle responded, “Great.”

Notice how he didn’t say “I’m doing great, I’ll let Deepti speak for herself,” much like a friend may do.

When asked if they were official, both responded, “Full of cookies.”

The pap doubled down on the question asking, “Do you refer to each other as boyfriend/ girlfriend?”

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Kyle & Deepti Play Coy About Relationship Status

“Great question,” Kyle responded.

Obviously, the coyness of it all is definitely for show, but if they WEREN’T more serious and DIDN’T want relationship speculation floating around, both would’ve replied “No” or something of that nature.

They quickly scurried off in their car, but it’s safe to say, there’s more than “just friends” going on here.

Early last month, The Blast reported that Deepti was “still figuring it out” with Kyle.

In an interview with Vulture, Deepti admitted that “a lot of people don’t know that Kyle and I had a really deep connection in the pods. He was my number two person, so it wasn’t out of the blue. We do have this foundational bond. It was heartwarming and so sweet to hear.”

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Deepti poses against skyline

Kyle posted a TikTok video in which Deepti can be seen in the background, prompting fans to speculate if they were actually together.

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Kyle Abrams
Instagram / kyleabrams10

Deepti called the speculation “hilarious,” adding, “We’re playing with them a little bit, but it’s funny. Kyle and I have such a beautiful friendship. We’re just figuring it out.”

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