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'Love Is Blind' Deepti Vempati Says She's 'Figuring It Out' With Kyle Abrams!

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By Kristin Myers on March 5, 2022 at 4:41 PM EST

In the second season of the Netflix reality dating show “Love is Blind”, Deepti Vempati left Abishek “Shake” Chatterjee at the altar after he said some downright “disrespectful” things about her during the show. Things got so bad that several of the other guys on the show tipped Deepti off that Shake was not the man she wanted to marry.

Although Deepti turned Shake down at the altar, Kyle Abramsdidn’t even get that far with Shaina Hurley. Although Shaina accepted his proposal, she later admitted that she was still “confused” by her feelings for Shayne Jansen (who became engaged to Natalie Lee) and left him in Mexico. Although she initially gave him another shot, their religious differences proved too much for her to reconcile.

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Although Deepti and Kyle are “close friends,” Kyle made a stunning admission during the “Love Is Blind” season 2 reunion special, which aired on March 4. During the cast reunion, he revealed that he had actually wanted to propose to Deepti… and Deepti didn’t look all that shocked! With Shake saying that he could “ help facilitate that” (not that they need him too), is there something romantic brewing between Deepti and Kyle?

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Deepti Vempati Addresses Rumors That She’s Involved With Kyle Abrams

In an interview with Vulture, Deepti admitted that “a lot of people don’t know that Kyle and I had a really deep connection in the pods. He was my number two person, so it wasn’t out of the blue. We do have this foundational bond. It was heartwarming and so sweet to hear.”

Kyle recently posted a TikTok video in which Deepti can be seen in the background, prompting fans to speculate if they were actually together. Deepti called the speculation “hilarious,” adding, “We’re playing with them a little bit, but it’s funny. Kyle and I have such a beautiful friendship. We’re just figuring it out.”

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Although she didn’t completely shut down the idea of romance, she did admit that she wants to take some time focusing on herself before entering another relationship.

“Right now, the focus should be on myself because there is so much magnified,” she explained. “There are a lot of comments and opinions floating around. Adding another layer of complexity to that is really not the move.”

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Deepti Vempati 1
Instagram / lifewithdeeps

However, she did admit that she was “open to” appearing on another TV reality dating show after fans keep calling for her to appear on “Bachelorette.”

“Honestly, after seeing my family react to me being intimate onscreen, I’m not sure if I would go down that route. It would have to be the right dating show. I can’t be kissing a bunch of guys onscreen. That’s why I did Love Is Blind. It’s more serious. It’s marriage. It’s a commitment,” she said before seemingly changing her mind. “I don’t know — I’m open to it!”

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Deepti Admits That Shake Can’t Be In Her Life: ‘There’s No Hope For A Friendship There’

Deepti Vempati 3

During the reunion, Shake’s comments drew audible antagonism for the rest of class… and even hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

During the reunion, Deepti said that it was “healing” being able to confront him and speak her mind knowing that she had the support of her castmates.

“It felt amazing to have the opportunity in this space to speak freely, especially with castmates who know the process I’ve been through,” she said. “And to talk to Shake and let him know my feelings watching the show. It was a nice, healing moment.”

She added that, “We tried to be friends after, and I hadn’t really known the extent of what he was saying until I watched it with the rest of the world. As the days unfolded, it made me realize that I don’t think I can even have him in my life as a friend. Now that the show aired, there’s no hope for a friendship there.”

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Deepti and Shake from Love Is Blind season 2
Instagram / thepuppydoc

She also said that it was “shocking” to see Shake double-down on his “disrespectful” comments.

“[Nick and Vanessa Lachey] thought they saw some growth in Shake,” she explained. “To hear him talk this way at the reunion, they were like, ‘Wait, something is off.’ And instead of him owning up to it, he was like, ‘You know what, no. I’m not sorry. I don’t need to change. I want to be myself.’ It was shocking for us to hear that.”

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