Deepti and Shake from Love Is Blind season 2

'Love Is Blind' Deepti Said She Was 'Emotionally Drained' Trying To Be Friends With Shake

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By Kristin Myers on March 4, 2022 at 7:30 PM EST

Love Is Blind” reality star Deepti Vempati is not friends with Shake, and she's never going to be.

Although she made it all the way to the altar with Abishek Chatterjee, known as Shake,  Deepti revealed that she was choosing herself and left him. Although they still kept their reservation at Nobu, Deepti revealed that she tried being friends with Shake after their engagement fell through... and that didn't pan out, either.

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Deepti ‘Tried’ To Be Friends With Shake… But Found It ‘Emotionally Draining’

Deepti Vempati 3

In a new interview, Deepti revealed that “Honestly, I thought that I would be friends with Shake… and we tried. But seeing how he interacts with people, and seeing how he is on social media… every time he left the room, I just felt emotionally drained.”

“I just think that we're not meant to be in each other's lives at any capacity,” she added.

She also told Buzzfeed that it was “disappointing” to watch his “disrespectful” comments about her playout for the whole world to see. “You don't talk about somebody who is your fiancé, let alone a best friend — or even just a real friend — that way,” she said.

For his part, however, Shake seems to be delighting in playing the villain.

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Shake Jokes About Being The ‘Villain’ Of ‘Love Is Blind’

Shake Love Is Blind
Instagram Stories / thepuppydoc
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Shake Love Is Blind
Instagram Stories / thepuppydoc
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“Ok I heard from Netflix about the reunion and it is nothing short of a trainwreck for me,” he said in an Instagram Story before the reunion special aired on March 4. He added, “I felt like [w] villain so I played one. Low key was kinda fun at times but yeah be warned lmaoooo.”

On the day of the reunion, he then proceeded to cover his Instagram page with memes.

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“What an honor to compared to this cat,” he wrote in the caption. “Like what is this cat doing at the dinner table anyway? That’s how I feel about most situations I’m in.”

However, fans weren’t having it.

“Go to therapy,” one user wrote.

“Awww look guys. He’s playing the victim ???” another said.

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“Shake can’t get on a conventional dating show because he’s not good looking enough and has a narc personality,” said another.

“You really are too much,” another user commented. “Enjoy your 15 minutes.”

“Just shut your mouth already you make everything WAY worse,” another commented. “No shame or dignity whatsoever.”

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Shake Doubles Down On His 'Love Is Blind' Villain Status

In the caption, Shake wrote, “Make it make sense.” However, fans of the show were not impressed.

“please go to therapy i’m begging you i will personally find you one in Chicago,” one fan wrote.

“You can be honest without being disrespectful and degrading someone. Especially being invited home and talking down a woman in front of her parents. The moment she said no her mother cried because she knew that something must have been wrong for her daughter to not go ahead with it. And you CELEBRATED that?” another asked.

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“Therapy urgent!!!!!!” another user wrote. “Not funny to act this way at all.”

“I did not hear one apology from you during the entire reunion….You do indeed lack the self-awareness and it’s horrifying to hear the way you unapologetically objectify women by their body types and looks….love is a lot more than that,” another commented. “Get well soon honestly.”

“I’ve never watched anything more embarrassing than every time you’ve spoken on the reunion,” said another. “And I’ve not even finished it yet??”

“The one thing I think you need to learn is…. You don’t always have to speak,” another wrote. “You can be honest in silence. There’s a difference between honesty and cruelty.”

At the time of this writing, it is believed that Shake is currently single.

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