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'Love Is Blind' S2: Kyle Abrams Says He Is 'NOT Friends' With Shaina Hurley! 

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By Kristin Myers on February 27, 2022 at 4:45 PM EST

Fans of “Love Is Blind” could see those red flags from miles away!

Although Kyle Abrams was willing to try to make things work with fiancée Shaina Hurley, she left him in Mexico right after their first meeting. Although Kyle returned to Chicago still willing to give their relationship a chance, Shaina cited their stark religious differences as a reason as to why it would never work out and called it quits.

Although some fans thought it would never work out between the pair, others had hope for reconciliation when Kyle posted a shot of him and his ex on Instagram last week.

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‘Love Is Blind’ Star Kyle Abrams Says He Will Share A ‘Special Bond’ With Shaina ‘Until The End Of Time’

Although fans thought that he had plenty of reason to harbor bad blood for Shaina, Kyle surprised fans by posting a sweet caption alongside a photo of the two last week.

“Regardless of the outcome, this was one of the most exciting days of my life,” he wrote in the caption. “Imagine connecting with someone for countless hours over the course of 10 days through a wall and then finally seeing them for the first time.”

“The massive wave of emotion washed away what seemed like all consciousness and left us both in a euphoric state,” he added. “No matter the outcome, this special bond I share with Shaina will be forever kept in mind, until the end of time🕰⛓”

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Kyle Abrams
Instagram / kyleabrams10
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Deepti, who called off her relationship to Shake at the altar, commented, “Once in a lifetime experience.” Shake commented, “Solid caption my dude.”

However, fans that have caught up on the drama weren’t a fan of his message.

“naw f--- that and her,” one fan wrote.

“you dodged that bullet honey,” said another.

“She bothers me,” another commented. “You are too good for her.”

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Kyle Admits That 'There's Nothing Left' After Season 2 Finale

After the finale, fans have been dying to know if Kyle had heard from Shaina at all since they called it quits. Despite him teasing their “special bond,” Kyle told Us Weekly that he had, in fact, not spoken to Shaina at all since they broke up.

“We don’t really talk,” Kyle said with a shake of his head. “We don’t communicate. There’s nothing left. I mean, we’re not friends or anything. She doesn’t come out much. That ship has sailed.”

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Kyle Abrams on Love Is Blind season 2
Instagram / kyleabrams10

Kyle was an atheist, whereas Shaina was a devout Christian. Although Kyle said he was willing to try to make things work, Shaina said that it wasn’t enough for her.

“I thought I was giving in a lot,” Kyle added. “Those are things that [with] normal dating, I would’ve written her off right away, the first time I gave in. So I thought maybe she would – she should – too. I thought it was a mutual thing, but I guess not.”

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He also explained his reasoning for trying to work things out in Chicago, even when she had bailed on him in Mexico.

“I didn’t wanna quit,” he explained. “I wanted to give everything I had. I didn’t want any regrets of just ending it to end it. And plus, I was following through with the process, you know, that’s kind of what they told us in the beginning – ‘Don’t quit too early, use your allotted time, you have this time to figure it all out.’ And I did everything I could do.”

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Shaina Admits She Wanted To Give Kyle Another Shot After She Left Mexico

Although she left him on their first night in Mexico, Shaina admitted that she wanted to see him interact with her family before making a final decision.

“What made me leave Mexico and, like, give him another shot was I needed to see him interact with my family,” she explained. “I’m very close with my family and I knew that they know what’s best for me at the end of the day. And so when I saw them interact and, like, what my parents’ reaction was, it kind of sealed the deal for me. I didn’t wanna make any mistakes.”

Shaina Hurley from Love Is Blind season 2
Instagram / shaina.hurley
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Although Shaina had feelings for Kyle, she also had feelings for Shayne, who ended up proposing to Natalie.

“It took me a while to open up in the pods. It took me longer than I thought,” Shaina explained. “I think everything happens for a reason. It was organic [with Shayne], I guess, you could say.”

“There’s some regrets,” she admitted. “I just wish I was a little bit more forthright from the beginning [and] kind of prepared myself more, but can you prepare yourself? Besides that, no, it was an amazing experience.”

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