'LIB' Star Deepti Vempati Is Crying Over Billie Eilish Shout-Out!

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By MLC on March 17, 2022 at 7:30 PM EDT

Billie Eilishand “Love Is Blind” star Deepti Vempati are both happier than ever.

The songstress is back on the road in the midst of her world tour titled, “Happier Than Ever.”

After nearly two years of not being able to perform in front of fans, in stadiums and tour, Billie and her brother, Finneas O’Connell, are back.

Billie’s ‘HTE’ kicked off in early February in New Orleans, LA and has been going strong since.

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Billie Eilish Is BACK On Tour!

Earlier this week, Billie’s tour stopped in Chicago, IL where the second season of “Love Is Blind” took place.

Deepti took to Instagram to show her 991k followers that she was at Billie’s show. She posted a photo of herself looking down toward the stage and captioned it, “Oh, I was def happier than ever.”

Despite her busy tour schedule, Billie saw the Instagram Story and fangirled over it on her own story.

She captioned the photo of the ‘LIB’ star, “deeptiiiii😭😭.”

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Billie Eilish Fangirls Over 'LIB' Star Deepti Vampeti

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Deepti caught wind of Billie’s repost of her post and reposted it to another story.

I know, crazy, try to keep up.

In the reposted repost, Deepti wrote, “OMG, crying happy tears 🤍.”

Clearly it was a fangirl meets fangirl moment.

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Deepti Cried Happy Tears Over Billie's Repost

Deepti attended the concert with her new love interest and fellow cast member on ‘LIB’ season two, Kyle Abrams.

The couple struck up a relationship after Deepti decided to NOT marry Abishek “Shake” Chatterjee.

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Shake has become the season two villain and is taking it in stride.

Following the reunion special, Deepti explained that after leaving him at the altar, they tried to remain friends, but it became “emotionally draining.”

Deepti revealed in an interview, “Honestly, I thought that I would be friends with Shake… and we tried. But seeing how he interacts with people, and seeing how he is on social media… every time he left the room, I just felt emotionally drained.”

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“I just think that we’re not meant to be in each other’s lives at any capacity,” she added.

Kyle was broken up with by Shaina Hurley after getting engaged and leaving the pods. Shaina still had feelings for Shayne Jansen. 

Deepti and Kyle are feeling the relationship out and having fun.

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