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'Love Is Blind' Shake's Apology To Deepti Criticized: 'Bro You Had To Do This At Dunkin?'

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By MLC on March 9, 2022 at 7:30 PM EST

“Love Is Blind” season 2 villain Abishek “Shake” Chatterjee, is backtracking his “not sorry” statement in regards to his ex-fiancée, Deepti Vampeti.

Shake and Deepti seemed like a happy couple for the most part, you know, despite the disparaging comments he made about his future wife behind her back to the rest of the cast.

Alas, Shake’s incessant qualms with Deepti’s physical appearance led Deepti to decide NOT to marry him.

And I’m 100% positive she’s happy that she did.

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Deepti Ditched Shake On Wedding Day!

Deepti and Shake from Love Is Blind season 2
Instagram / thepuppydoc

Following the last episode of the hit Netflix show was the reunion, in which viewers saw the entire cast express their distaste for the veterinarian.

Even show hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey slammed him.

It appears now that his 15 minutes of fame are dwindling and he felt the need to extend it a bit further.

On Tuesday, March 8, the vet took to his Instagram to. Issue a video message to Deepti, aka “Deeps.”

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Shake Issues Public Video Apology To Ex-Fiancée, Deepti

He started off, “I wanted to take this opportunity to just say ‘sorry’ to a woman that I know I hurt. And I, Deepti, I am truly sorry for some of the things I said. Things that honestly could’ve been left unsaid.”

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Mind you, the video was filmed in a public space, possibly a coffee shop or restaurant with a lot of background noise, but I digress.

“And during the time that we were filming, you were my best friend. Even though I knew our relationship wasn’t going to end in marriage, I didn’t want what we had to end either. I loved every second of it,” he continued. “And I’m so, so sorry that I hurt you with my words. That’s the last thing I wanted from all of this. I’m sorry, Deepti.”

He captioned the post, “I’m sorry, @lifewithdeeps . I’m ready to take accountability for my actions and be better. While I’ve reached out privately, I think it’s also important I apologize publicly for the sake of your family and friends that I’ve upset as well.”

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While the thought behind the apology is nice and all, the fact he made the video in a public setting was off putting to his fans.

“Bro you had to do this at Dunkin?,” one person commented.

Another echoed the public establishment sentiment writing, “Are you in a restaurant? Mystified why you do this in a public place, truly.”

Fans Were Unimpressed By Shake's Apology

Fans troll Shake

“Its only because everyone is coming for you…,” a critic wrote.

Someone took the opportunity to make this jab, “I bet your mom made you apologize,” and “Deepti and Kyle are drinking margaritas together right now.... too little, too late.”

Another person called Shake out for doing “damage control at its best.”

During the reunion special, Shake said he found nobody in the room attractive except for Vanessa Lachey.

He was also called out for saying horrendous things about Deepti’s appearance behind her back, with many cast members adding what was shown on the show was just “scratching the surface.”

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"Love Is Blind" Co-stars Couldn't Stand Shake!

Love is blind season 2 cast reunion

The Blast previously reported on Deepti’s feelings following their breakup.

She expressed that it was emotionally draining to be friends with Shake.

In a new interview, Deepti revealed that “Honestly, I thought that I would be friends with Shake… and we tried. But seeing how he interacts with people, and seeing how he is on social media… every time he left the room, I just felt emotionally drained.”

“I just think that we’re not meant to be in each other’s lives at any capacity,” she added.

She also told Buzzfeed that it was “disappointing” to watch his “disrespectful” comments about her playout for the whole world to see. “You don’t talk about somebody who is your fiancé, let alone a best friend — or even just a real friend — that way,” she said.

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