Amy Schumer mocks Kirsten Dunst and gets Twitter trolled

Oscars 2022: Amy Schumer's 'Seat Filler' Joke At Kirsten Dunst Backfires

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By Rima Pundir on March 30, 2022 at 7:30 PM EDT

So Chris Rock wasn't the only one who cracked a joke that didn't go down too well. Amy Schumer followed suit, and her joke, on Kirsten Dunst has attracted the ire of the netizens who feel that Jesse Plemons (Dunst's fiance) should have followed the example set by Will Smith, in words if not actions.

The 94th Annual Academy awards were certainly shocking when Smith, angry at a G.I. Jane reference made to Jada by Rock, got angered enough to stride on stage and take a swing at the comedian. Smith has apologized since then, while Jada also made a comment about "healing", but Chris has been, let's just say, a rock of silence.

But now, the Internet wants to hate on Amy Schumer...

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First, She Poked Fun At Smith And Rock

Amy Schumer poked fun at Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscar incident

After the infamous slap (can we please call it Slapstage or Slapscar?), Rock carried on his presentation and did it without batting an eye, or as people said, touching his cheek.

Smith meanwhile, was 'consoled' and counseled by the likes of Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper, and Tyler Perry. Rock left the Oscars soon after, and was in turn consoled by Wanda Sykes, also a co-presenter with Amy Schumer and Regina Hall.

Smith received his Oscar soon after, as Best Actor for the movie "King Richard" and got a standing ovation. He made a tearful acceptance speech as well where he apologized to the Academy, hoping he'd be invited the next year.

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When it was Schumer's turn to come back on, she said, "I’ve been getting out of that Spider-Man costume. Did I miss anything? There’s, like, a different vibe in here.”

She got a fist bump from Tiffany Haddish, who later sided with Will Smith, before concluding, “Oh, well. Probably not.”

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Amy Schumer Called Kirsten Dunst A 'Seat Filler'

Amy Schumer poked fun at Kirsten Dunst at the 2022 Oscars

In an even poorer turn of events at the 2022 Academy Awards Sunday night, co-host Schumer, 40, approached Dunst.

Dunst, 39, was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress role in “Power of the Dog” and seated at a table with her partner and co-star, Jesse Plemons, also nominated as Best Supporting Actor.

Schumer went and gestured towards Dunst, quipping, "Here’s a seat filler."

Seat fillers are persons who fill in an empty seat during an event and for Schumer to call Dunst, a much-awarded actress, a 'seat filler' made for an awful joke. But the unsavoriness did not stop there.

Schumer then pulled a confused-looking Kirsten Dunst out of her chair, saying, "Honey, do you want to go to the bathroom?”

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As Dunst looked on, awkwardly, Schumer sat in her seat, now focusing on Plemons. She told the 33-year-old actor, "Jesse, I loved you in ‘Power of the Dog'."

Plemons did not seem pleased at all, and instead responded rather curtly, "You know, that was my wife, Amy", indicating Dunst. The couple got engaged in 2017 but has not announced a wedding yet.

Schumer, without missing a beat, joked, “You’re married to that seat filler?”

When Plemons nodded, she replied, “Oh, that’s weird.”

The Internet is not pleased.

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Twitter Wants To Hate On Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is being trolled for Kirsten Dunst 'seat filler' joke

Amy Schumer seems to have put her foot in her mouth and the Internet is very displeased.

Twitter is raking her over the coals.

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The "I Feel Pretty" star did clarify it was a skit and Kirsten Dunst was "on" it but there hasn't been any such indication from Dunst or Plemons.

Amy Schumer's Kirsten Dunst joke backfires
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But Twitter is having none of it, as they continue hating on her.

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