Actress and comedienne Wanda Sykes will be hosting this Sunday’s upcoming Academy Awards.

Sykes will be hosting the Awards on March 27, alongside Regina Hall and Amy Schumer – all first-time hosts.

Sykes’ wife of 14 years, Alex, is ecstatic about Sykes hosting, and is excitedly preparing her outfit for the show.

In an interview with “People,” Sykes also joked that Alex is working out and over-preparing, while she just wants to make sure she has comfortable shoes.

Sykes continued joking that since Alex gets too enthusiastic about her gigs, she tells Alex about them when she’s already headed to work, to avoid excited questioning.

Sykes also recently appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” where Kimmel discussed his earnings from when he hosted the Awards in 2017 and 2018.

Kimmel revealed he only got paid $15,000 for hosting, and Sykes didn’t know it would be a low-paying gig.

With all the months of work leading up to the show and the preparations, Sykes realized her prestigious hosting gig would cost her money.

Sykes joked that she would steal an Oscar to make up for the lack of earnings.