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Amy Schumer Says She Was ‘Triggered’ By Will Smith Oscars Slap

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By Kristin Myers on March 30, 2022 at 9:30 AM EDT

On Sunday, Amy Schumer hosted the 94th annual Academy Awards alongside Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes.

The “Trainwreck” star did not appear to be present when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, who had made fun of his wife Jada Pinkett Smithand her struggle with alopecia, an auto-immune disease that causes hair loss.

When she retook the stage on Sunday night after the incident, she asked, “Did I miss anything?” and commented that the “vibe” in the room had “totally changed.”

On Tuesday night, the stand-up comedian took to Instagram to joke about her new Hulu show, “Life & Beth” before turning serious as she addressed the infamous slap.

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Amy Schumer Is ‘Waiting For This Sickening Feeling To Go Away’

On Tuesday night, Amy Schumer took to Instagram to address the infamous slap.

“I think we can all agree that the best way to unpack what happened is to stream my series @lifeandbethhulu and see me on tour this fall,” she joked.

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Will Smith Chris Rock
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“But for real. Still triggered and traumatized. I love my friend @chrisrock and believe he handled it like a pro,” she continued. “Stayed up there and gave an Oscar to his friend @questlove and the whole thing was so disturbing.”

“So much pain in @willsmith anyway I’m still in shock and stunned and sad,” she added. “I’m proud of myself and my cohosts. But yeah. Waiting for this sickening feeling to go away from what we all witnessed.”

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Famous Friends Weigh In: ‘You Made It So Much Easier’

Kathy Hilton commented, “❤️❤️❤️❤️???? so great seeing you last night @vanityfair So proud of you you your the best !!!!????????❤️?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Sharon Stone wrote, “You were fabulous hilarious and beautiful ??❤️”

Miranda Bailey commented, “You made it so much easier.”

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Portrait of Chris Rock & Will Smith

Paris Hilton left a simple “?” on the post.

Fernando Garcia commented, “There’s no rule book - you wrote it ❤️ everyone did the right thing… except for the people who… you know didn’t.”

Brandi Carlile wrote, “❤️ Grace.”

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Fans Support Amy Schumer: ‘Thank You For Acknowledging It’

“Thank you for acknowledging it!!!” one fan wrote. “You were the only person who I felt didn’t treat it like it was just fine and dandy to hit someone. THANK YOU!”

“PS- Life and Beth was and is amazing!” they added. “Thank you for making my last two weeks a bit better. ❤️”

“agree chris rock handled it professionally. and you were amazing ???” another commented.

“Already watched ? quest love deserves a redo ❤️” said another.

Oscars 2022: TELECAST
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“Put perfectly!!!” another wrote. “Ty for using your voice on this platform to speak the truth.”

“It must have been such a shock to have been there and seen it live,” another shared. “But I am so surprised he was allowed to stay in the event and that the audience didn’t boo or turn their backs to him when he got his Oscar. They applauded him ?‍♀️”

“Me too!!” another chimed in. “I watched it live from Australia (uncensored) & my heart was beating so fast and I wasn’t even in the room (great job btw) ?❤️?”

Amy Schumer’s ‘Life & Beth’ Is An Escape From ‘These Crazy Times’

“Amy I am loving Life & Beth. It is like a breath of fresh air,” another fan wrote. “Thank you for creating this gem. It is just the most beautiful series. It’s what is needed in these crazy times ❤️”

“I just said to my family today that as much as I don’t love the word triggered, that is what I am,” another wrote. “I haven’t settled from the yelling so angrily let alone the slap heard round the world. Ugh. You gals were funny funny funny ?”

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“That was nuts - you were great!” another wrote. “And Chris Rock is a sweetheart (but I kinda wish he would sue…that was bold-faced assault).”

“Chris Rock deserves a medal,” said another. “Fantastic recovery from all of you from a hideous incident. ⭐️”

“Thank you for supporting Chris Rock,” another added.

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