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'Love Is Blind' Shake Chatterjee 'Feels Masculine' Being Able To Pick Up New Girlfriend

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By MLC on March 23, 2022 at 10:48 AM EDT

And the hits just keep on coming from Abishek “Shake” Chatterjee’s corner.

Let’s be real, there’s really only one dog left in this “Love Is Blind” fight and that is the veterinarian from Chicago.

See what I did there?!

The “villain” every came to either love or hate is continuing to speak out about his ex-fiancée even though the reunion happened EONS ago.

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Shake 5
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Shake 5
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Shake is also continuing to fuel his beef with ‘LIB’ host Nick Lachey.

His aggressive comments about the 98 Degrees singer came after Shake tried multiple times to hit on Nick’s wife, Vanessa Lachey, and was denied.

Last week, The Blast told you that the animal doctor by day/amateur DJ by night revealed his new girlfriend to the world.

Emily is a cute, petite blonde that Shake has been dating since, well… we don’t know. But he began dating her after “Love Is Blind” wrapped.

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Shake Has A New Girlfriend Following Broken Engagement

Her Instagram says she’s located in Miami, and it’s unclear how the two met, but one thing is for sure, Emily is NOT on OnlyFans.

It’s Shake that is on OnlyFans and he is very proud of that.

Anyways… the former reality TV star recently sat down with Domenick Nati on “The Domenick Nati Show,” where he absolutely DUMPED on Deepti Vempati.

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Shake Talks About Deepti & Light-Weight Women

One main reason Shake couldn’t see himself getting married to Deepti was due to the fact that he couldn’t pick her up.

Mind you, Deepti was first to say ‘No’ to marriage at the altar, so she technically called off the marriage, but we can only imagine how relieved Shake was about that answer.

Shake explained that when it comes to a life partner, it needs to be someone he can pick up.

"I feel masculine when I can do that. I'd feel lesser of a man if I couldn't pick up my woman," he told Nati.

I think there’s a word for that…

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This is a main reason why he could see himself marrying Emily, because he can pick her up. Funny enough, Shake and his new girlfriend have talked about getting married, but it won’t be this year.

The veterinarian also made it a point to tell Nati that Emily is “a lot more attractive” than Deepti.

While basically everyone and their mother felt horrible for Deepti and what Shake subjected her to, she is probably VERY thankful they never had sex.

Shake Wasn't Attracted Enough To Make A Commitment To Deepti


Shake told Nati that he had many opportunities to do the deed with Deeps, but he didn’t go all the way because he didn’t want her to get attached.

"I wasn't attracted enough to make that commitment to her,” he admitted to Nati.

Another thing Shake is NOT attracted to is Deepti playing the “victim card.”

The former couple have not spoken since the reunion special, and Shake is hurt that Deepti's playing up this victim thing so hard when he took such good care of her.

He also told Nati that the entire cast lied through their teeth to protect their image at the reunion, whereas Shake was his authentic self.

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“Love Is Blind” cast BTS at reunion

He felt once the villain, aka him, was pinpointed, the rest of the cast aligned to protect themselves.

So, is Shake friends with any of his cast mates?

Absolutely not!

He explained, "Why would I? They revealed their character"

In an interesting turn of events, Deepti’s new love interest and former ‘LIB’ cast mate, Kyle Abrams, reportedly took acting classes prior to getting on the show.

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Shake Believes Kyle Is A Phony & A Fake!

Kyle Abrams
Instagram / kyleabrams10

In Shake’s opinion, Kyle wasn’t on the show for love, he. just wanted to be on TV. He reportedly applied for 10 shows and took acting lessons.

Shake also suggested Shayne Jansenuses cocaine.

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