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'Love Is Blind' Shake Chatterjee Reveals He Started An OnlyFans!

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By MLC on March 22, 2022 at 6:00 AM EDT

Love Is Blind” season two star Abishek “Shake” Chaterjee is making it known that HE is an OnlyFans star.

Shake debuted his new lady love, Emily, last week on Instagram

In a video he uploaded to the social media platform, Emily can be seen wearing an OnlyFans cropped sweatshirt.

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Shake Answers OnlyFans Concerns

He captioned the video, “Good things come to those who wait don’t.”

Clearly, this outfit choice got the attention of many, and raised a few questions.

In a new post on Monday, March 21, the veterinarian clarified Emily’s outfit choice.

He wrote, “Let’s clarify something: my girlfriend Emily is NOT on @onlyfans 🤣. It’s ME that is and I have some really fun stuff in the works with them! Ps. Please don’t assume this will be all adult material. The platform is actually quite amazing and known for A LOT more than what you think. That being said, I consider myself both body and sex positive so there will definitely be interesting content and guests featured 😇.”

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Shake Is The One On OnlyFans

Shake says in the video, “I’m the one with OnlyFans. I entered into an agreement with OnlyFans for exclusive content that I’m going to be pushing out. So, we went to the OnlyFans headquarters and of course there’s all this dope merch and I’m like, ‘Emily would look so cute in it.’”

For the most part, his followers were supportive of his OnlyFans journey; however, there were a few skeptics.=

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One fan commented, “So I’m not a hater at all I think you are funny af but can use a slap from time to time. From one Virgo to another let me just say that it’s sketch that you are all of a sudden “in love”. You jumped into a “relationship” maybe to show you are more likable and it’s weird that you are not being more private about it. You def have some type of fire sign in there somewhere for showing off and flaunting this chic Emily. I may be wrong about Emily and you are just being yourself for being extremely forward with all aspects of your life. Maybe it’s your coping for new found “fame” and feel the need to over share. When people are really in love they usually keep it more private. That just me. To each his own.”

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Another wrote, “Deepti has 1 million followers without being nearly as thirsty..”

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Fans Say Shake Is Thirsty

Instagram / thepuppydog

Others commented on his ironic use of “body positivity.”

“It’s the ‘body positive’ for me 😂,” one wrote.

This critic popped off in the comments section writing, “Definition of body positivity: Body positivity refers to the assertion that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance. Some of the goals of the body positivity movement include: Challenging how society views the body. Promoting the acceptance of ALL bodies.”

In the event you didn’t tune in to season two of “Love Is Blind,” Shake made multiple suggestive comments about women’s weight.

For example, he asked his now ex-fiancée, Deepti Vempati, if he would be able to hold her on his shoulders at a music festival.


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