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Cynthia Nixon Is 'Very Proud' About Chris Noth's Cameo Removal From Season Finale

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on January 24, 2022 at 8:52 AM EST

Cynthia Nixon, one of the main stars of "Sex and the City" and its reboot, is speaking up about the recent action taken by the team following the sexual assault allegations levied against Chris Noth.

Nixon seemingly proudly supports the decision to remove Noth's character, Mr. Big, from the upcoming season finale.

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Chris Noth's Cameo Scrapped From Season Finale

As The Blast previously reported, fans of "And Just Like That" were met with surprising but not unexpected news when it was revealed that Noth's character Mr. Big was cut from the edited footage of the season one finale.

Per reports, following the death of Mr. Big in the season premiere from a heart attack, the team thought it was best to have him return to the series in the finale and appear as a sort of vision to help Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw, find closure.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Breaks Her Silence On Chris Noth Assault Allegations
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In the scene, Bradshaw visits Pont des Arts bridge over the Seine river in Paris to spread Big's ashes. The former lovebirds had a sentimental connection to the spot. At the bridge, Big is supposed to appear and share one last moment with his one true love, but that has now been scrapped.

While the team didn't explain the reason behind the scene removal, sources claimed that Noth's minor appearance wasn't integral to the storyline of Bradshaw finding closure. There were also reports that the finale wasn't set in stone when Noth's sexual abuse allegations first brewed.

Nevertheless, the news of the scrapped scene raised eyebrows three weeks after the first set of allegations were levied against Noth in The Hollywood Reporter column.

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Noth has since been fired from the CBS show "The Equalizer," dropped by his agency, and his longtime marriage to Tara Wilson seems to be facing serious issues.

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Cynthia Nixon On The Scrapped Footage

Recently, Nixon touched on the scene removal in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. The actress, who stars as Miranda Hobbes on the HBO Max revival, believes that the decision was made in good fate.

Elaborating her thoughts, Nixon said, "I think we were very lucky that those changes were able to be made and I think we are very proud of our show."

Chris Noth DROPPED From 'The Equalizer' Amid Sexual Assault Allegations
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She further explained that they mainly targeted Noth's cameo removal towards the audience to help remove any distraction they might have regarding the characters and the real-life actors. In her words:

We just wanted, you know, people to not be distracted or already feel, certainly with the death of Willie Garson, [which is] such a painful thing and already [something] viewers had to contend with. We didn’t want them to be distracted from the fictional characters.

As for whether Nixon and the girls would return for another season of "And Just Like That," the 55-year-old insisted she wasn't sure.

Nixon, who doubled as an executive producer and directed an episode, said she has no idea if the series will return because she's not a writer. However, she did hint that something might be in the works, saying, "You know, it's my job to say that doesn't seem right for my character. But in terms of the amazing writers, we have [been] dreaming things up."

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Nixon Almost Didn't Return For The Reboot

Cynthia Nixon and Karen Pittman on the film set of the apos And Just Like That apos TV Series

The "Sex and the City" revival saw most of the original cast members return except for Kim Cattrall. As you might know, Cattrall insisted she wasn't returning, and her longtime feud with SJP is believed to be the reason why.

However, Nixon almost didn't make it back as she was hesitant to reprise her role. As we previously covered, the New York native recalled she was "reluctant" about her return and bothered about the diversity in the show.

However, after discussing with SJP, who served as a writer and creator, her worries were put aside. "The more I talked to SJP, [writer/creator] Michael Patrick King and Kristin [Davis] about the things that I couldn't go back without—a real sea change in terms of the lack of diversity in the original series—they were on board," Nixon confessed.

She heartily praised the team for listening to her concerns and working so hard to "not just redecorate the house but to build a whole new house." In addition, she loved that the reboot reflected modern times and diversity.

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