Cynthia Nixon gave a Thanksgiving shoutout to her fans on Instagram and shared some photos.

The "Ratched" actress dazzled in an apron while preparing mouthwatering gravy in a busy kitchen.

Nixon also shared images of her cat and a cozy candlelight dinner with her family.

The star joked that she was a determined gravy maker and wished fans a lovely Thanksgiving.

In 2018, Nixon sought a Democratic Party nomination for New York City's Governorship title.

Sadly, the liberal activist did not meet the minimum ballot listing requirement of 25% votes.

Andrew Cuomo had a landslide win with 95% of votes for the September 13, 2018 election.

Kim Cattrall responded warmly to Nixon's condolences when her brother passed away in 2018.

When Sarah Parker sent her condolences, Catrall replied that she was not her friend or family.