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Chris Evans

How Chris Evans Dealt With His Anxiety and Depression While During The Filming of 'Captain America'

Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
By Christian Avina

Chris Evans has been a pillar of the MCU since his debut back in 2011. With his recent departure from the MCU, Evans was in the incredible successful Knives Out where he played the sweater-wearing Ransom Drysdale. The weight and commitment of the MCU are tough for any actor to deal with including Evans. He recently opened up about his struggle with mental illness during his time as Captain America. He spoke about the things that get him stressed out and what he does to calm his stress to get through filming.

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His Anxiety Almost Caused Him A Life-Changing Role

Chris Evans at the Toronto International Film Festival
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Before his time in the MCU, Evans has already gotten a taste of the superhero culture when he starred in Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer as Johnny Storm. It's safe to say that those films along with its 2015 reboot were universally disliked by the fans. Evans jumped ship and when he was in talks to play Captain America for Marvel Studios The weight of a ten-year and six movie commitment, as the contract would lock him into the portrayal for the planned sequels to come, was almost too much for him.

Almost Turning Down Captain America

Chris Evans at the premiere of 'Knives Out'
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This amount of time and level of commitment wasn't entirely new, but there were only a few big franchises at the time that would ask an actor to sign a contract of that magnitude. No one knew that the MCU would become as big as it is now. Evans had concerns about playing such an important character, but after speaking with his family he decided to see a therapist because he was on the brink of turning down the role.

Controlling the Anxiety

Chris Evans
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It's hard to see anyone else as Captain America and everyone is thankful that he was able to work on his mental health. After seeing a therapist in order to clear his mind and his symptoms, he was able to make a decision based on his own merit as opposed to letting his anxiety control him. Chris Evans openly discusses his ongoing struggles with anxiety and depression when it comes to the intense media coverage and press with his now-former Marvel responsibilities. He says he’s learned to quiet his overwhelming reaction to stressful situations, by actually telling himself to “shhh.”

Continuing to Control His Stress

Chris Evans at the Oscars red carpet
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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Evans said he once spent three weeks straight with a guru in India, just learning how to quiet his mind. Evans suggests that anyone can benefit from self-mediation in order to improve your mental health. It's a great thing for Evans to speak on his personal struggles with depression and anxiety for people dealing with similar issues. Seeing a superhero deal with issues that millions of people go through helps us mortalize and helps us deal with our own problems with mental health.

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