Squid Game is a very successful Netflix series that has trended for months globally.

It inspired a lot of trends, and fans are curious if there will be a season two.

Most of the major characters from season one died except Seong Gi-hun, played by Lee Jung Jae.

Hwang Dong-hyul, the show's creator, spoke to Deadline and said he is still brainstorming.

Hwang was with HoYeon, and they teased the interviewer and fans about her possible return.

Hwang said he was surprised by how successful the show became worldwide.

Squid Game is currently the most-watched Netflix content ever and has won several awards.

The show was nominated in four categories at the SAG awards, and Jung Jae and HoYeon won awards.

HoYeon wants to juggle her acting and modeling career, and she is unsure about her future acting projects.