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Disney Employee Dressed As Goofy Claims He Was Groped By A Grandma

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on May 18, 2024 at 1:45 PM EDT

A Cast Member who was dressed as Goofy claims they were groped by a Grandma at Walt Disney World, but no one has been arrested.

Unfortunately, this is not the first reported sexual assault at the Orlando theme park.

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Cast Member Dressed As Goofy Allegedly Groped By Guest at Walt Disney World

Guests entering Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

According to WDWNT, the sheriff's office report regarding the Goofy situation is heavily redacted, but it does state that the incident occurred on February 19, 2024. The news is now surfacing because the sheriff's office did not release the report until this week.

The cast member was playing the role of Goofy, taking photos and signing autographs for guests, but one family in particular reportedly caused trouble for the 32-year-old.

Per the reports, around 10:30 a.m., a family of four was visiting Goofy, where he posed side-by-side with the grandma, who then allegedly put her arm around him, the victim alleged.

“The grandmother then placed her right hand on his ‘butt’ and squeezed her hand three times,” the report said, per WDWNT. “During the squeezing, the grandmother said, ‘Woo hoo!’”

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Goofy Alerts Another Disney Employee Of The Incident

Guests walk down Main Street U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom

Per the report, after the photographer snapped the family photo, the employee dressed as Goofy stopped the meet-and-greet and informed the character attendant of the incident.

“The grandmother stated with an attitude, ‘What? I guess he doesn’t want us here,’” the report claimed. “The family then walked off.”

The suspect, whose identity was redacted in the report, was described as a 60-something-year-old woman wearing leggings and a black Minnie Mouse shirt that read “Nana Mouse.”

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Disney Photographer Allegedly Witnessed The Incident

Magic Kingdom sign

A Disney photographer who witnessed the incident spoke to police, though part of her statement was redacted.

"Goofy stopped the interaction with the family and was asking them to leave,” the witness said, per the report. The photographer overheard the conversation among the family afterward.

“What did you do?” the father then asked the grandma. "I didn’t do anything,” the grandma allegedly said. “Goofy wants us to leave now.”

The victim claims the grandma squeezed their bum through the Goofy costume.

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Florida Man Allegedly Groped Disney World Princess

Guests waiting for monorail at Disney World

This is not the first accusation to come from a Disney employee. In 2019, a Florida resident was accused of groping a Cast Member who was dressed as Ariel, the mermaid from 'The Little Mermaid,' in Walt Disney World.

Brian Sherman, a 51-year-old registered sex offender, left the princess "shaking and crying" after he allegedly "cupped and lifted" her right breast during a photo op at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, according to his arrest affidavit obtained by The New York Post.

“The defendant was very excited” as soon as he saw Princess Ariel, allegedly professing his love for her and that she was his “favorite,” the arresting officer said, according to the Sheriff’s Office report.

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Sherman—who records indicate was convicted of sexual battery of a victim under 12 in 1991—and his wife then positioned themselves in a manner that left the princess feeling "physically" trapped between them.

Disney Guest Grabs Ariel's Breast

Magic Kingdom entrance

“The defendant repeated how much he loved” the Disney princess and proceeded to put his arm around her shoulder — leaving her “immediately uncomfortable with the defendant’s touch but unable to move,” the report alleges.

“The victim looked down and saw the suspect’s right hand on her right breast." Two co-workers witnessed the alleged incident and tried to intervene, the report said.

Sherman then “cupped the victim’s right breast with his right forefinger and thumb with only the thin skin-tight fabric in between her breast” and his hand, the victim told police.

“The defendant cupped and lifted the victim’s right breast for approximately three to four seconds,” the affidavit claims. “When the defendant left the room, the victim began shaking and crying,” the report added.

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He was booked into the Orange County Jail on a battery charge but was released on a $500 bond.

Tinker Bell Character Performer Claims She Was Harassed

Walt Disney World security screening

In 2021, a former Disney cast member took to TikTok, claiming she was harassed by multiple married men while she was performing as Tinker Bell from Disney's 'Peter Pan.'

“There were many moments, especially as Tinker Bell, where I had men – married men – hand me keys to their hotel room and tell me where they were staying," she claimed in a video.

In a second video, she said, “Let me be honest, I was always caught really off guard when people would do this. So usually, if I was having an issue, I would divert them to my character attendant because you’re not supposed to say no."

Walt Disney World has numerous rules and regulations in place. If you witness any type of illegal behavior during your visit, report the incident to a nearby cast member or a security guard.

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