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Logan Paul Settles Lawsuit For Allegedly Sabotaging $3 Million Movie Deal

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By Afouda Bamidele on May 16, 2024 at 6:15 PM EDT
Updated on May 17, 2024 at 3:11 AM EDT

It took four years of court battles, but multi-hyphenate star Logan Paul is finally free from Planeless Pictures' $3 million lawsuit.

The parties recently announced their resolution in legal documents obtained by The Blast, where they assured the Court they are ready to put their past behind them and move forward.

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Logan Paul Reaches Settlement With Planeless Pictures

Logan Paul at the Grand Opening of the Hard Rock Hotel in NYC

In the legal filing, Jonathan Ornstein — on behalf of the plaintiff Planeless Pictures LLC and the defendants Maverick Media and Paul — announced the parties are finally settling their longtime dispute.

It was explained that they are in the process of finalizing the terms of their resolution, a positive outcome that came after conducting a mandatory settlement conference (MSC).

The parties held the meeting with Judge Mark Gross on May 9, which reportedly helped them reach "an understanding and agreement as to the basic terms to resolve their differences." Now that the ball to settlement is rolling, they need the Court to smoothen the path.

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The Plaintiff & Defendants Wish To Cancel Prior Cout Dates

According to the documents, as a result of their resolution, Planeless Pictures, Paul, and Maverick Media no longer wish to appear in Court on their scheduled dates — May 23 and July 15.

Instead, the parties asked the Court to set a hearing date for the approval of their resolution within sixty days of the legal filing or a date convenient with the Court's schedule.

The plaintiff and defendants noted it "would be a waste of judicial resources, client funds, and attorneys' time" to prepare for the scheduled hearings when they have a resolution.

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The Legal Drama Began Four Years Ago

Although details about the resolution were not specified, it was however, noted in the documents that "All Parties in this case have stipulated to the relief requested in the application."

This statement implies that some form of compensation was granted to settle the four-year legal drama. Planeless Pictures filed the lawsuit against Paul in 2020, claiming he had intentionally ruined a $3 million movie deal.

According to them, they reached an agreement with the professional wrestler in 2016 to do a film called "Airplane Mode." Paul was set to portray a fictionalized portrait of himself, as the movie focused on social media stars and influencers.

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Apart from acting, the 29-year-old was hired to produce and write the film. He was also meant to recruit other famous social media personalities like Juanpa Zureta, Nick Bateman, Amanda Cerny, and his brother Jake Paul, per Daily Mail.

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Planeless Pictures Claimed Paul Ruined Their Agreement With An Insensitive Post

According to the lawsuit, Google supported the movie and agreed to pay $3 million to license it. However, on December 31, 2017, everything changed when Paul posted an insensitive vlog.

He shared a picture of a person who had hanged themselves in Aokigahara, Japan, near Mount Fuji, leading to social media outrage. Planeless Pictures claimed fans weren't the only ones upset as Google also cut ties with the movie's production.

In the aftermath, Paul was banned from YouTube, while Planeless Pictures lost their dream of shooting "Airplane Mode." Although the multi-hyphenate star noted his actions were a horrible mistake, the latter believed he intentionally ruined their film.

Logan Paul Rebuilt His Fanbase After Apologizing

On January 2, 2018, Paul shared an apologetic video amid the scandal, saying: "I should have never posted the video. I should have put the cameras down and stopped recording what we were going through."

"There's a lot of things I should have done differently, but I didn't. And for that, from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry," he lamented. The WWE United States Champion echoed similar regrets on "Good Morning America" in February 2018, confessing:

"This has been, to be honest with you, the hardest time in my life. It's been tough cause, ironically, I'm being told to commit suicide myself. Millions of people literally telling me they hate me, to go die in a fire. Like, the most horrible, horrific things."

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Despite the criticisms, Paul never gave up on rebranding and rebuilding his career, earning renewed fame after jumping into the boxing ring with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

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