Years after the release of the last film in the Batman Trilogy, a new standalone Batman film is finally about to hit cinemas.

The Batman had its world premiere on March 2nd, and director Matt Reeves had to miss it because of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

Reeves attended a special screening of The Batman, which was held in London on February 23rd.

The film’s cast was present, and despite his diagnosis, Reeves made a virtual appearance.

Reeves addressed the audience at the premiere and spoke about how excited he was to share the result of the movie’s five-year journey.

He thanked the incredible crew that put in the work to make the film.

Reeves had an interview with Collider, and he spoke about happy he was when they had positive feedback during the audience screening.

He said the best part of the screening was the moments of the film when there was just complete silence.

There are already several critic reviews of the film, and they’re all praising the cast and the quality of the film.