Sherri Shepherd is remembering the good times she had with Barbara Walters.

The renowned news anchor tragically died at the age of 93 on December 30, 2022.

Shepherd and Walters once served as co-hosts on “The View” for many years.

The two TV personalities grew close during their time together on the morning talk-show.

Shepherd admits that she felt so “connected” to her while working on “The View.”

In a new E! interview, the “Sherri” show host said, “For me, I connected with Barbara’s sense of humor.”

“I think that not enough people really got to see what a bawdy sense of humor Barbara had.”

Once the drinks started flowing, Walters’ commanding presence softened and Shepherd revealed they’d often “talk and laugh” about their most memorable times having sex.

“Literally, we could talk about sex all day long,” she confessed. “She had advice for days.”