Savannah Chrisley got candid about how badly she’s handling her parents' absence since they began their prison sentences.

Her parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley began their respective sentences after being convicted of tax evasion and fraud.

Savannah spoke about how difficult the week was for her family, as they had to say goodbye to their parents.

The reality star explained that if her recent podcast episode seems happy, it’s because it was filmed before her parents left.

She then noted that future episodes would be more intense and feature updates on where she is in life.

Savannah and Julie questioned why Jen Shah received a shorter sentence, claiming her crimes were more severe.

Todd and Julie will also have to serve 16 months of probation each after they complete their prison sentences.

Despite their conviction, the Chrisleys have maintained their innocence and are appealing their sentences.

Savannah posted a photo of Julie on her Instagram story, saying she’s going to “fight” for her freedom.