Pamela Anderson has opened up about the weight changes she experienced while writing her memoir Love, Pamela.

Anderson said she gained "like 25 pounds" during the writing process and lost it all after she was done.

“It was a protective… my puffy suit of armor,” Anderson said about the weight gain during her appearance on “The Howard Stern” show.

She added about the weight gain, “It was some kind of protection.”

The "Baywatch" actress also recalled being a "mess" for most of that period.

About Hulu’s “Pam & Tommy,” Anderson said she was taken aback when she saw an ad for the series.

She said that the showrunners did not show a positive portrayal of her and her ex-husband Tommy Lee.

She is set to tell her own version of her personal life and rise to fame in a Netflix documentary named after her memoir.

The documentary is scheduled to debut on January 31st.