Ozzy Osbourne released new music barely two weeks after having a “life-altering surgery.”

He was just discharged after having critical surgery due to a worsening neck and back injury.

On Friday, Osbourne surprised fans with a new song titled “Patient Number 9” and an accompanying music video.

Osbourne explained the story behind the title track and said the song is about a mental institution.

His surgery was to realign the metal pins in his back and neck, which he got after an ATV accident.

In another interview, he explained that the injury had affected his ability to work and travel for his tour.

Osbourne was discharged from the hospital just a day after his surgery, showing that it was a huge success.

He posted a health update on social media, which gathered prayers for his recovery from fans.

Sharon Osbourne also shared when Osbourne recently caught COVID-19, which he has recovered from.