Kristin Cavallari has finally apologized to ex Stephen Colletti for cheating on him during their previous relationship.

During their Back To The Beach podcast, Colletti brough up Cavallari’s past cheating.

Cavallari initially denied ever cheating but eventually admitted that she kissed a former Salt Creek Grille co-worker.

Remembering how she treated him during their relationship, Cavallari said, “I'm appalled by the stuff that I did, honestly.”

She apologized to Colletti saying, “It actually is painful for me to hear. It's painful for me to watch and I really do apologize."

Since their split, Cavallari and Colletti have remained good friends with them working on a podcast together.

Colletti shared during their recent podcast episode that Cavallari’s older brother had beat him up at a house party.

According to Colletti, he and Cavallari had an argument and the latter’s brother thought Colletti had beaten up his younger sister.

The reality star shared that her brother hit him in the face, which led to a bleeding but not broken nose. Cavallari also apologized for this.