Investors are suing Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather, and NBA star Paul Pierce in a class-action lawsuit.

The celebrity promoted have been accused of “shilling” the value of EthereumMax tokens, a cryptocurrency firm.

The class-action lawsuit also allegedly accused EthereumMax to base its branding of bitcoin’s second-largest firm, Ether, despite not having any relation with them.

Kim Kardashian had run an ad for EthereumMax in her Instagram story last June, after which the price of bitcoin went up.

Floyd Mayweather had accepted EthereumMax tokens as payment in his match against YouTube star Logan Paul.

Later, he also went on stage at a cryptocurrency conference to speak about EthereumMax but was booed off the stage.

The lawsuit alleges that after inflating the price, it dropped by 97%, causing massive losses to the investors.

No statement has been released from Kardashian and Mayweather as of now.

EthereumMax has denied all the allegations and stated, via a spokesperson that it intends to clear its name.