Jill Duggar recently had her baby shower for her third child, and her sister Jessa didn’t seem to have attended.

Amy Duggar, a cousin, shared photos from the event, and Jessa responded, saying it was a fun celebration.

Jessa then responded to a negative comment alleging her absence and said the rumors make her angry.

She then explained that there were scheduling issues and that some family members were out of town.

Jessa also said she spends a lot of time with Jill, even if there aren’t photos online to prove it.

She concluded her statement by asking fans to “stop this nonsense” and “quit spreading hate.”

In 2017, Jill left the show after featuring in the previous six seasons, and it caused some family conflict.

She later said that there were a lot of disagreements about her leaving and that it would take time to heal.

In January this year, Jessa addressed rumors that her parents had gifted her a new home.