Jeremy’s sister stated that her brother was responding well to treatment, which thrilled their family.

She claimed that he was a fighter who did not ‘mess around’ and his family was positive about him making a full recovery.

The actor had been airlifted after getting crushed by a snow plow on January 1, undergoing two surgeries.

While one surgery was done to place metal pins in his legs, the other was to fix the collapse of the right side of his chest.

The actor shared proof of his progress on Instagram with a hospital bed selfie and an appreciative message to well-wishers.

A rep had released a statement within the first few hours of the incident divulging that he was in critical condition.

Jeremy uploaded a clip of his sister washing his hair as their mother watched from the sidelines.

The actor told fans in the caption that they were giving him a spa treatment to cheer him up.

The county’s sheriff has dismissed suspicion of foul play.