Jay Leno is slowly recovering following his terrifying car accident.

The veteran talk-show host has been receiving treatment for third-degree burns to his face and hands in a hyperbaric chamber.

Hyperbaric chambers provide oxygen to the body’s tissue and help decrease bacteria growth.

New video footage shows Leno’s left arm wrapped in a white bandage up to his elbow while his entire right hand is wrapped up.

His face is entirely wrapped in gauze.

Leno can be seen wearing a blue hospital gown and being chatty with his nurse attendant. He was animated and moving his hands in circular motion.

Leno’s doctor, Dr. Peter Grossman, spoke to IE and told them his “injuries are serious,” but he’s in “good condition.”

The TV personality did have to undergo a “grafting procedure” to replace areas of burned off skin.

Dr. Grossman explained he’s had skin grafts that are not his own, meaning skin the hospital had in its skin bank from donor skin.