Jameela shared a screenshot of a magazine misleading their audience with their headline, claiming that she was desperate to ‘jump ship’ after ‘She-Hulk’ failed.

The actress expressed her displeasure to her 3.7 million followers, who immediately came to her defense.

While one person noted that they took a biased dig at the series, another called it “bizarre journalism.”

A third person claimed that the M in media stood for ‘Manipulate Masses,’ and a fourth just wanted the actress to focus on appearing on ‘Star Wars.’

Another accused the tabloid of being ‘jealous’ of a ‘successful woman of color,’ and a sixth encouraged her to be her ‘big bad gorgeous’ self in the franchise.

A seventh commenter wrote that ‘journalism was mostly dead.’

Jameela asked nepo babies to stop denying that the privilege of having famous parents helped their career more than talent and hard work.

The actress noted that while it did not take away from what they had achieved, they needed to accept their privilege and move on.

She added that while she was more privileged than a disabled actor, she was less privileged than nepo babies.