Elon Musk recently trolled Netflix for having a woke mind virus that is making it unwatchable.

Several of his followers also espoused his logic and said the virus is spreading past Netflix.

Netflix announced that it has lost 200,000 subscribers in its first quarter and might lose another 2 million.

After it lost subscribers, the company’s stock prices crashed by almost 27% to a record four-year low.

Slashdot tweeted Netflix’s news, and Musk quoted it, saying the woke mind virus is killing the company.

Some of his followers agreed, saying that the woke mind virus is affecting civilization and not just Netflix.

Reed Hastings blamed the loss of subscribers on great competition, such as Amazon Prime and Disney+.

The company is now shifting its focus to how best to monetize sharing, especially as it is so common.

Despite Musk criticizing Netflix, he has a working relationship with them and two documentaries on the platform.